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REBORN TO CONQUER - "ETERNAL SLEEP" (Sinister Metallic Hardcore on "MARKED FOR DEATH RECORDS" from 2012.)

(Running time: Eight songs in around thrity-six minutes.)
(Release year: Released already back then in 2012... but I just got aware of it and finally my hands on it recently so shut up, and now here it is, my review on it.)
Here it is, the so far still newest album of REBORN TO CONQUER. Years ago I saw them live, and they totally conquered me in a superior and dominant manner. And it is incredible how fast time moves on, because this was now already before four years... fuck it, I grow old, period. Okay, back then I bought their two so far released full length albums, "FULL COURT PRESS" and "HOMICIDE", and while "FULL COURT PRESS" was sort of a let down surprise because the stereotypical Tough Guy Beatdown Hardcore that this album offered (and still offers) was anything but definitely not what REBORN TO CONQUER delivered live up on and from the stage, but then "HOMICIDE" was a full bomb, and then after three years of working hard two years ago in 2012 REBORN TO CONQUER unleashed their newest offspring, titled "ETERNAL SLEEP", and it is for all what I think or mean to know still their current album and for all what I definitely know it was and is again a step forward. Not such a giant move than the "HOMICIDE" masterpiece was (and still) is (especially) compared to/with the "FULL COURT PRESS" album, not that incredible huge, but still surely a step forward. To get it straight right from the start: I like the "HOMICIDE" album anyhow a bit, even it's surely only a little bit, better or more, but that's just a thing or a matter of my personal taste in music and mainly based on the tendency that in my perception the band moved back then strong in a Holy Terror Hardcore direction and that was and is simply sort of my holy grail of Hardcore music, personally for me, so you see, it is just based on my very own personal perception and also taste in music (okay on what else...), but in every moment, every second it shines clearly through that "ETERNAL SLEEP" is definitely all the time more tight, more intense, more complex, more demanding structured, and it is incredible challenging arranged and composed and it is marked by a so damn tight and grapping intense and deep atmosphere, it's amazing, I mean, this album is like a twisted and bestial ride through the abysmal dephts of mankind and its sick and twisted suffering belief(s) in a higher entity above all else that it makes your skin crawl and your mind and head spin around all the time. Music wise REBORN TO CONQUER clearly go in a direction best described as sinsiter dark and nearly hypnotic intense Metallic Hardcore music-wise in the tradition of mighty bands like ARKANGEL, KICKBACK, DAY OF SUFFERING, and ALL OUT WAR, but they do it all on their very on (left hand) path, and they do it all on one hell of a fucking high level of quality. Deep and dark, very heavy and sick sinister distorted guitars build up the walls of music on the foundament of a sheer forceful and outstanding precise and incredible tight to the point played rhythm section, and then all is cultivated with purely intense vokillz that are mainly/mostly done in a aggressive and hysteric screamed and only slightly shouted way, very pissed off and above all very charismatic done, and it all is shaken up by cool spoken word parts and great chosen and composed'n'arranged movie samples that heavily add up to the atmosphere, as if this would be anyhow necessary... no way... but it makes it all even more intense and with this great and I just fucking love it, it makes my skin crawl even (far) more, point and fact. The technical skills of the REBORN TO CONQUER guys are above any discussions or doubts, they are just very strong and skilled talented musicians. And, even more important, they are very, very skilled songwriters, and what they create here and what a great atmosphere they create right from the start out of nothing is simply just overwhelming. Amazing!!! But I think I've already written something to it already one or two times above, and so I maybe shouldn't repeat myself here and now (again). But instead of this I better write down some words to their lyrics: I don't know if this was intended or not but to me "ETERNAL SLEEP" is sort of a concept album dealing with the issue or topic of a or the (especially monotheistic religious) belief of man in a higher entity named "god" or how-ever else and especially with the concept of death and after-life and the surviving or ongoing/-travelling of the soul of man and what the construct of man's religious belief(s) has/have to offer for answers to this questions, and it is done on a very thoughtful and passionated, a smart and cliché-free, a philosophical level and in such a way, and this is just great, and at least as intense and demanding and challenging as the music itself already is. Take some time and experience and discover "ETERNAL SLEEP" in its whole entirely because otherwise you would really miss a lot, one hell of a lot, period. The artwork of the album is great, and especially the cover would really deserve a LP release. The gloom and deep production sound is a perfect match, and only adds up to the high, the very high quality of "ETERNAL SLEEP". So, now finally coming to the closing line(s) of this review, just let me summarize: Every fan of intense and deep, dark and sinsiter, heavy and brutal and in a gloomy way distorted metallic Hardcore (or of any music of that specific intense, dark, and heavy and brutal kind) that beside overwhelming music also offers strong food for your thoughts and that also offers a very own unique approach shouldn't think twice but get this album as soon as possible (in case he or she still doesn't have it already), because this is really one hell of an exciting and grapping intense ride. Highly recommended, pure gold, I love it. In the name of the father, the son, and the holy... FUCK YOU!!! Amazing!!! /// Andy
(9 of 10 points) 



(I just thought that I could give ya the complete artwork, and so I did... the scans look good but while uploading and completing this very post here they suddenly looked shitty at least in some parts but don't ask me why Blogger fucked this up while uploading when it turns out that some of the scans really look that shitty when finished this one here...)

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