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Okay folks, here now comes a review post on the two so far in 2014 released full length "solo" albums of the band named BODDICKER. The guys were unknown to me before this March Clarence Boddicker (the guy from "ROBOCOP", I guess, I mean who else...;-)............) wrote an e-mail to me with sending me the BODDICKER album "FALSE FLAG" and a request for reviewing it up here... and now after something like four months or so passed us by I finally found the time (and also the memory somewhere hidden in the back of my mind as well as the album hidden somewhere in the chaotic mess that is in fact nothing else than my harddisk) to really finally do the review... and I also realized that 2014 so far had been a very busy year for BODDICKER and so since "FALSE FLAG" had been released at the 28th January 2014 they've released four, yes, you read correct: four which means 4 new albums, a four way split, two "traditional" splits, and a new own album. Damn it... and after I really felt and feel very sorry for simply forgetting about them for so long I decided to do here and now a review post on their so far in 2014 released "solo" full length albums, the split albums I excluded because after I don't have any physical copies of the albums at hand I am a little bit depending on the web stuff of the albums I could find, and on the BODDICKER Bandcamp site I simply only could find the BODDCIKER songs of the split albums and after I do no reviews on not complete albums and also after I am very busy and maybe also from time to time a little bit lazy and stolid, too;-), I simply stick with the two full albums and just mention the split releases here so that you know that there's much more of BODDICKER out to look out for. Btw, BODDCIKER are already around for quite a while now and since 2012 they release albums, just in case you didn't know this already, then you know it by now. Okay, and so now here we go. Ah, but before we now kick things off just let me say two things:
(1) A very big "THANX!!!" goes out to Clarence Boddicker (...;-)...) for the BODDICKER stuff and for making me know to and with them, so again: "THANX man!!!".
(2.) And with the "THANX!!!" also a very big "SORRY!!!" for the four months of delay goes out as well to Clarence Boddicker, so again: "SORRY man!!!"
Okay, and now that's it, and now let us come to the reviews on the (so far) 2014 BODDICKER solo releases, here we go!!!
(Note: For all what I know and that I got the releases you can find online as digital albums are in that form "D.I.Y." releases, but the physical copies of the releases are at least in parts label releases.)

("D.I.Y."; Digital Album /// "RITUAL KNIFE"; Tape)
(Release date: 28th January 2014.)
(Running time: Six songs in around fourteen minutes.)
(Collector facts: The tape release is done via "RITUAL KNIFE" and is done on red pro tape in a to 100 copies at all limited edition. The tape costs 4,00 $ - or more, depends on where you live.)
(Information: The digital album is up for downloading on their Bandcamp site, and you can order and download it for a name your price pick.)
So here we have "FALSE FLAG", the January release with that BODDICKER kicked off their personal 2014, and they kicked it off just right, oh hell yeahr. BODDICKER roar out of Detroit, Michigan/U.S.A. and this is disturbing and devastating muSICK somewhere between Grindcore, Crustcore and D-Beat, Powerviolence, and for the cultivation garnished with some few Sludge Core reminiscences, all incredible violent, aggressive, pissed off, heavy, and brutal, and full power, energy, and throttle all the way. Crushing and shredding, sawing and smashing guitars that will hit you straight into your face like a full force swing of a sledgehammer make the musick, backed up by a massive and rowdyish blasting and grooving rhythm section composed of a sick roaring bass and bone cracking drums, and then disturbing screamed and shouted, grunted and straight into the mic spitted and vomitted sick hysteric and dry thorated fleshly lead vocals full of spirit and attitude make it all round. Great stuff, also pretty self-contained, and Grindcore heads as well as Crusties and also Sludge Core freaks will damn fucking love BODDICKER in general and their "FALSE FLAG" tape in particular. To the lyrics of this "Criminal Command" from Detroit, Michigan/U.S.A. I can't tell ya that much of worth and value and so I will spare me every word about it, the artwork is very programmatic, and the raw and earthy yet hard'n'harsh porduction sound is just a perfect match with the musick. So, all in all, nothing left to say but definitely recommended for all the fans of extreme muSICK outta there. So go and get it, and if you can't get the tape (anymore), than get at least the digital album right now. Cheers!!! /// Andy
(8 of 10 points)

("D.I.Y."; Digital Album & Tape)
(Release date: 12th June 2014.)
(Running time: Eleven songs in around eighteen minutes.)
(Collector facts: The tape is sold out, so you have to stick with the digital download album if you just discover them now.)
(Information: The digital album, as the only at least currently still available version of the album is up for downloading as a name your price pick on their bandcamp site.)
And here's "CRIME UPHEAVAL", the so far second solo full length album by BODDICKER, the criminally insane demolition command from Detroit, Michigan/U.S.A., offering us eleven mostly new songs in around eighteen to ninteen minutes, and they sticked with their kind'n'style of muSICK, somewhere between Grindcore, Powerviolence, Crustcore/D-Beat, and Sludge Core, but they definitely enriched the Sludge side of their musick heavily and drastically, while at the same time towned down a bit the Powerviolence side of it, as well as the Grindcore site, too, while the Crustcore/D-Beat impressions come and shine through also a bit more than back then on their "FALSE FLAG" album, and a slight blackened Death Metal vibe they added up to it all for good as well as some COLISEUM styled crusty Hardcore, too. So, all good and fine with me. The ingredients of the musick stayed the same, the devastating crushing dirty and noisy guitars, the massive and brutal assaulting rhythm section, and the disturbing aggressive pissed off vokillz, but they definitely enriched and developed their songwriting and especially the more varying rhythm arrangements and the architecture of the pace of the songs. More Sludge and Crust, some Death Metal with a blackened spirit and some animlaistic roaring Hardcore, but still enough powerful and violent sawing and shredding of the guitars and the bass, and also still enough grinding blasting drums, so that definitely all the lovers of extreme muSICK from Grindcore and Powerviolence over Crustcore/D-Beat and Sludge Core will definitely cheer up to them in a glowing way. I really like this band and their damn intense and violent brutal muSICK bastard. Again: To the lyrics I can't really say that much valuable and so I will spare me every word more about it, but I definitely think you can be sure that they don't sing about rainbows, flowers, and my little pony, but instead of this their lyrics draw the picture of a sick and violent nightmare of a fucked up world we are all living in, just to judge by song titles like for example "CRIME UPHEAVAL", "RISE OF THE DOWNTRODDEN", "BATH SALT BAPTISM", "VIGILANTE", "THE ISOLATIONIST", "DRYGULCH", "SOCIAL CONTROL", and "ENERGY BLACKMAIL". A great artwork and a perfect matching production sound add up to it, making it all round. Again this album is definitely recommended to you if you are into the extreme kind of really heavy and brutal, aggressive and offending muSICK outta there, and I like it even a bit more than their already really strong "FALSE FLAG" album. Cheers. /// Andy
(9 of 10 points)

So, okay, that's it for this one, just make sure to check out BODDICKER and this means also their other stuff, and you maybe best and most easily do it by going to their Bandcamp site(s) by following the now coming link:

So now I wish you a good night for now, tomorrow work is calling and this means that right now I will end the day up here, so far thanks for your interest and time reading this article. /// Andy

Your ordinary friendly guys from the neighborhood: BODDICKER.
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