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TRIBÜNAL - "HELPLESS" (Meat-free, Drug-free, and God-free Crustcore from Hildesheim, Germany. /// D.I.Y. Tape and Digital Album release, 2014.)

("D.I.Y."; Tape & Digital Album)
(Running time: Five songs in around eight minutes.)
(Collector facts: For all what I know this is a thru and thru "D.I.Y." release, and the physical copies come on Tape and this Tape edition is limited, so if you want it than better be in a hurry with ordering and buying it. - Ah, and why the fuck this very strong is still not on a label yet?!?)
(Information: The Digital Album release is up for downloading for just 1,00 Euro on their Bandcamp site, so I think you know what you should do.)
(Release date: 24th June 2014.)
(A big "THX!!!" goes out to Hildesheim to TRIBÜNAL for sending me the new album via E-Mail... and I am sometimes and especially currently a so damn forgetful and muddle-headed guy that I totally forgot to answer your precursor mail... because for sure I would have loved to have "HELPLESS" send to me on Tape... damn it... but anyhow "THX!!!" for sending it anyway my way, damn GREAT of you!!!)
Here it is, the newest release of the great TRIBÜNAL, the masters of raw and dirty, heavy and brutal, aggressive and fast raging pissed off Crustcore with a vegan, an atheistic, and a straight edge/drugfree approach and attitude to it, and we get five (brand-) new songs in around seven to eight minutes. The new songs are plain and simple nothing else than an all out war musical attack, furious and fast paced raging, hate filled and pissed off raw and primitive, dark and apocalyptic, incredible brutal and totally fucking heavy, and above all incredible tight and intense Crustcore from start to finish, a harsh and mercyless smash straight and right and direct into your face, leaving nothing but a splattered and cracked, a slashed and smashed bloody mess, carried out by noisy and heavy, dirty and drastically distorted, and above all sheer brutal and full throttle crushing guitars that are the most marking trademark of TRIBÜNALs musick, as well as deep and dry throated guttural shouted totally into the mic vomitted, heart and soul outpuking vokillz. The tight and precise and damn fast paced raging sometimes nearly blasting heavily D-Beat inspired rhythm section then backs and beefs and bulks it all up, giving the whole musick the right backbone, making the crushing musical beatings even more forceful and cogent. The whole atmosphere of the musick is ugly and, of course, brutal and distorted, pissed off and rebellious as fuck, and this on a very high level of intensity and with a lot of a full grip grapping potential. And the chaotic and harsh songwriting is really full of exactly this intensity and is also heavily filled with nice surprises and little bloody and deadly twists and turns (talking especially about the great snafu guitar solo work), so that nothing gets stale or lame and so that also even in this short running time really one hell of a lot stuff is happening, so that you should listen mindful to TRIBÜNAL and their "HELPLESS" material, to really enjoy and get it in its whole beauty, hm, or uglyness, right. Fans of Crustcore, D-Beat, and Raw Punk and Chaotic Hardcore with a sinister touch and an incredible brutal and ass-kicking approach and an authentic (and very sympathic) rebellious spirit will definitely love it, and I love it, too, and it is definitely the best TRIBÜNAL material to date, at least from my point of view. TRIBÜNAL, btw coming from Hildesheim/Germany what is pretty near to where I live and that was something I hadn't that much on my radar so far (if anyhow), are maybe best comparable to stuff and bands like (the cool) WARTHREAT from Down Under, but... to be honest all the way... latest by now today TRIBÜNAL simply are much better than the majority of all the comparable bands outta there today and I can only highly recommend it to you here and now, at least or especially in case you are into that kind of musick and comparable stuff. To the lyrics I can't really say that much and so I won't waste any words on this topic (even I think it should be some interesting stuff with that TRIBÜNAL is dealing in the songlyrics, for sure), but to what I can say something is definitely the great, very dirty and noisy, very raw and also very basic kept production/recording sound that's a perfect match to/with the songs/music of TRIBÜNAL. So, okay, that's it for this one, last words, repeating the most important conclusions: Best TRIBÜNAL material so far to date. Crustcore fans will love it. Highly recommended. Point and fact(s). So don't think twice but just go out and get it, best right now. Great stuff!!! Cheers. /// Andy
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