Samstag, 9. August 2014


Hey folks, for now just some little great stuff for your eyes and (especially) your ears, the (unofficial) video for the almighty monumental epic song "TORMENT OF THE METALS" by the very interesting band BLACK MATH HORSEMAN. Totally new to me, just stumbled upon them more or less accidentially, but they grapped me promptly. Don't know how to call/name/label it, maybe Psych Metal or Acid/Drug Metal/Rock or maybe THE CURE on a wild and lasting LSD trip, don't know, don't care, it's just some phenomenal stuff if you are into very cold, very dark, very sinister and gloom, very melancholic and depressive, very desolate and very trippin', very deep and intense music, damn it, it's all just damn amazing fucking outstanding great shit, point and fact. Fans of bands like SHRINEBUILDER and ISIS, too, will love the BLACK MATH HORSEMAN, even they take it far further and do after all their very and totally own thing. Psych Doom Metal or what the hell else ever, but "TORMENT OF THE METALS" totally dominates and rules in a extreme superior way, period. The song is taken from the 2009 album "WYLLT" and it seems that the band already went seperate ways again... shame on me, a fantastic stick-out-band that I discovered by far too late... Will buy at least their "WYLLT" album in the (soon) future and see and hear if the whole album can keep up with what "TORMENT OF THE METALS" promises. Enjoy it, even it is surely not for anyone outta there, it is definitely not your oridnary listen-to-stuff, and thank the mighty Buddha for this, and also keep in mind that this is some demanding and challenging stuff for sure. And my final statement on it is short and simpe: I love it, it's amazing. /// Andy
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