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(Running time: 27:58 minutes; 16 songs)
("Nuclear Blast Records"; CD; 2015):
And like, hm, let us say: Like more or less announced before (you may remember my rambling about that I will do reviews on 2015 and 2016 releases in order to work this - musicwise very strong - years up here) here now comes a review on an album that was released back then in 2015, and it's no other album than the latest, and so also newest and still current AGNOSTIC FRONT album titled "THE AMERICAN DREAM DIED", released in 2015 via "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS". (Btw, I can't count how many bands and albums and different styles and genres of music "NUCLEAR BLAST (RECORDS)" are blasting ;-) out since ten years or even more, it's really sort of breath-taking; you've really come a long way, thumbs up, good work guys, much respect.) When this album was announced at the end of 2014 I was totally stoked about it and wanted to grab my hands on it as soon as possible... - but then life happened and due to my personal or private situation and all the stress and "drama" back then it really took me a full year (and a half) before I finally bought it last year's summer during my summer vacation 2016. Fuck it!!! I mean AGNOSTIC FRONT... damn it, one of the most important bands for me and also one of my all-time-favorites. Sometimes life can really suck... but okay, anyhow, anyway, because we all know that and getting a highly anticipated album a year after its release is in the end and at the end of the day nothing to really bitch around about... so, like I've said, anyhow and anyway... and when I finally got it... yes, then it went on heavy rotataion and remained there since then up to the present day. So maybe that says already enough and we could calmly close this review right now, hm, but nah, even I'll promise I'll try to keep it short I still feel the need to loose some more words about it, 'cause it just deserves it. AGNOSTIC FRONT stick(ed) to their approach of a more metallic style of their very own New York Hardcore sound and style like they used to culticated it over the last one and a half decade or so since their "ANOTHER VOICE" slasher. Harsh smashing guitars, massive bass work, boneshaking drumming, fat wide screen gang back ups, and above all Roger Miret's unique and charismatic lead vocal voice (supported by the one and only Lou Koller/SICK OF IT ALL, Freddy Circien/MADBALL, and Toby Morse/H2O @ "NEVER WALK ALONE" and you can imagine what this is, yes, a larger than life hymn, an anthem, a true gem) build the music that's delivered in a great, high energy and high octane, totally full throttle and no breaks way via great songwriting, diverse and varying and intense as fuck, full of fresh ideas, great rhythm work, nice changes and variations in the song architecture and great pace-variantions that even go into the blast speed department, all done and delivered in a stand-alone and unique and simply by all positive means truly and typical AGNOSTIC FRONT way, all done by high skilled veterans; or in short: New York Hardcore at its very, very best. New York Hardcore, the real deal, point and fact. Varying between more classical Hardcore Punk, Oi! influences and incredible strong sing-a-longs, and every resistance burying metallic Hardcore monsters. That's what I want, what I need, what I love; and AGNOSTIC FRONT deliver. They still deliver. Hell yeahr! This is an absolute intense album full of passion and heart and soul, this is Hardcore, real Hardcore, done the New York way; still more authentic than any of your overly hyped Metal-/Death-/Emo-/Beatdown-/Tough Guy-/Shopping Mall-"Metal/"Hardcore" pseudo-rebellious-music, still more authentic and heartfelt after over thirty years or so now already in the game. Great, diverse and smart first class lyrics, a very sinister and just amazing artwork, and a hard hitting, harsh, dirty, and warm and "earthy" production sound round this masterpiece up, and yes, here you get the complete package. So, okay, I think I've said enough so far, and if for any reasons why the bloody hell ever you still don't know AGNOSTIC FRONT's "THE AMERICAN DREAM DIED" then by the mercy of the gods change this right now. A larger than life masterpiece, already now. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!
(10 of 10 points) (the link to the homepage of the band; click on it, copy it, then open a new browser tab, click and copy the link into the headline of your browser, and then just go there)

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