Montag, 10. Juli 2017


(Running time: 50:26 minutes,12 songs)
("Sunny Bastards"; CD; 2017):
And after I used to recently re-start this little blog finally again, hm, yes, why not firing it all up a bit more and so why not already putting up the second post of today (and of 2017 and since two years or so) right now. Building up some momentum, you know. Now here we have a record review on the brandnew album of the young or still youthful ;-) german Oi! band of the name of EGOi!STEN titled "DIESE LIEDER". Some years ago (back then when I still used to go regulary to concerts) I saw them once live and this was a good performance but somehow this very one here and now is their first album that made its way into my record collection... why-, how-, and whatever... So now in 2017 the EGOi!STEN deliver us a very strong album that I maybe wouldn't have expected in this way, to be honest. Strong and powerful, authentic, sympathic, and street-charmed Short Hair Rock & Roll the punky and german way, marked and driven forward by snotty and heavy rockin' guitars that deliver heavy punch after heavy punch, push straight ahead, and also add strong anthemic arrangements to the songs due to their strong rhythmic work, but also not to forget about the strong and surprisingly old school styled yet very fresh and purely-lively leads and also a bunch of cool solos the guitar work delivers on top. Really good job, maybe here and there a bit more (melodic) variations and it all will be even more better. The rhythm section delivers on point, powerful, tight, precise, and really rumbling forward like a well oiled machine, creating a very tough and strong foundament of the songs. Thumbs up. The arrangements of the verses convince and the refrains are top notch sing a long pieces that make you start a one man pogo pit in your living-room instantly. The lead vocals are delivered in a snotty and punky way, here I would only recommend to maybe work in some variations because a slight tendency is there that the lead vocals become a little bit stale with time; but maybe it's just also only my personal gusto'n'taste, who knows. The songwriting is pretty strong and the songs are delivered in a strong way by the band. Thumbs up, again, guys. The album refuses to become boring and instead always pushes on and ahead. With "KOMMT UND TANZT" we also get a cool cooperation with Willi/OXO 86 that's (of course) coming with a great done SKA mark in it. Good lyrics, maybe here and there a little bit too much "the scene", "the cult", "Skinhead", "Oi!", "the way of life", "Boots & Braces", "Boots & Booze", and "Boots & Aggro" for me, hm, but after I am already sort of "an old man" ;-) that's maybe the only reason for me bitching here around because of it, because ten years ago this would have been exactly "my thing" if you know what I mean, hahahaha. But we also get good lyrics, very clear and outspoken, against (far) right wing Nazi Bullshit and that's something that's always good. A dirty production sound, but also very powerful, and a beautiful artwork make this very strong album to a round and complete package. What I really like and what I really want to point out is the fact, that the EGOi!STEN play a very authentic and sympathic through-and-through pure Oi! sound, here we still get the real deal, and no bullshit up to date German Rock crap like we get it since a few years so often and mostly totally unjustified sold as Oi! or Oi!-compatible, no, not here, this is the real deal, real Oi!, and I love it. I am pretty sure that all fans of real and strong German Oi! - from BOOTS & BRACES, STOMPER 98, (old) KRAWALLBRÜDER, DIE HALUNKEN, MOITEREI, some PÖBEL & GESOCKS, and also some (old) BIERPATRIOTEN - will cheer up to this great album and the EGOi!STEN. This album is top notch, first class stuff, real Oi! and really strong Oi!, great stuff, and a big surprise for me, an album that I can't recommend high enough to you. So go and get it. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!
(9 of 10 points) (the link to the homepage of the band; after I'm pretty sure that Blogger once again refuses to post it as a direct link, just copy it, open a new browser tab, click it into the browser headline, and then just go there)

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