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(Running time: 54:38 minutes; 15 songs)
("Metalville" & "Rough Trade Distribution"; CD; 2014):
Hey guys, back again, and again with a record review - but this time on sort of an even older record than AGNOSTIC FRONT's last output that I reviewed two days ago or so up here. This is the "KARMA" titled 2014 out put of KÄRBHOLZ, a German Rock band from somewhere over here in Germany. Okay, don't know why in my personal retrospection this one is and was always a 2015 release while in reality it was already released in 2014... maybe because I just bought it in 2015... or why the hell else ever. It doesn't matter that much, so I've started this now and so I'll finish it; and after my last review up here was on GOITZSCHE FRONT's "MONUMENT" album, also a German Rock release, this one here, KÄRBHOLZ' "KARMA", fits pretty good in anyhow, being also a German Rock release (more or less at least). KÄRBHOLZ were a decade ago or so in my perspective one of the first German Rock bands to step into the light of the day when this whole scene sort of rocket-launched (at least quite a bit) after the BÖHSE ONKELZ called it a day back then (before they came back three years ago or so - not that anyone would have really needed this ridiculous comeback but anyway) with their first albums being released back then via "BANDWORM RECORDS"/"ASPHALT RECORDS", more or less (so in my retro-perception) together with FREI.WILD. (And also KÄRBHOLZ found themselves soon in the centre of pseudo-political discussions between left and right and as the target in the crosshairs of "political" defamations from left and right.) Don't ask me about other of this whole German Rock bands around back then, there were too many that appeared from outta nowhere and I was and still am also simply not interested enough in this specific style of music, and so before this album also KÄRBHOLZ mostly were of no interest for me. But two years ago I saw this album and I liked the artwork, it looked interesting, so I did a listening-session in the record store, it convinced me, and I took it with me home. After I can't compare "KARMA" to older KÄRBHOLZ releases I'll keep this short. This is well-developed, clichee-free, well-done, versatile and nicely varying Rock music from Germany with still sort of rebellious suburban-subculture-attitude, with slightly punky and also (very) slightly metallic marks and notes here and there in it. Pretty varying songwriting enriched with a lot of very fresh and just great ideas, like for example the perfect integrated strong Reggae impressions and influences in "KEIN ROCK'N'ROLL" (the by far best song on this one and maybe also the best song at all of all KÄRBHOLZ songs that I know so far; it also comes with strong "middlefinger-to-the-right" lyrics), and a lot of very catchy and anthemic guitar work, that shines as well as in the rhythm so also in the lead and solo department, and that is backed up by a very lively rhythm section, while the very charismatic, warm and dirty yet very emotional and clear vocals very often set the highlight points. The songwriting is nicely vayring and diverse, and this guys know how to play and what to do. Nice shot, guys. A masterpiece artwork, (mostly) strong lyrics, and a warm and earthy production sound round it all finally up. I am pretty sure that KÄRBHOLZ also have a new album out so far since "KARMA" (and maybe even a live album, not sure), but anyhow, if you want some fresh and enthusiastic Rock album with german lyrics (I think today German Rock fits not that perfect anyhow as a desricption to KÄRBHOLZ), nicely clichee-free and very often pretty grapping, and you maybe still don't know "KARMA" then go, look for it, and give a try. A really good album that I can calmly recommend to you and so an album that even being three years old rightfully deserves to still be reviewed by me up here for you.
(8 of 10 points) (- the link to facebook site of the band, and even I am pretty sure that Blogger again refuses to post it as a direct link you know how to go there anyway and so I'll spare me every words more)

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