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(Running time: 49:47 minutes; 11 Songs)
("Nuclear Blast Records" & "Repression Records"; CD; 2014):
Another album that's now already a few years old, three to be precise, and that somehow managed to hide itself from me back then in 2014, so that I bought it finally one or two years later. This French Hardcore Roughnecks with this specific Manga spirit/attitude were known to me from YouTube and they convinced me directly back in the days and so naturally I was curious on this one. It is for all what I know their debut release, primarly released the D.I.Y. way and then, after "NUCLEAR BLAST" signed them, it got its proper label release; now I just hope that soon new material finally will see the light of the day. Btw, I know it's a 2014 release but after I simply didn't managed to review it earlier up here I will do it right now, right here anyhow; and after for all what I know it's still the current or recent, still actual album and release of RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR it's anyway good and fine to review it these days up here - especially after it definitely deserves to still be reviewed anyhow (even today) up here. So, okay, after I'm trying to keep the reviews a little bit shorter, at least for my standards, I'll now cut the introducing words and then here and now right and straight into the action: FURYO STYLE HARDCORE from Paris, France. Hell yeahr!!! After an atmospheric, sort of pretty sinister intro RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR deliver truckloads of assheavy riffs and in general a formidable guitar work (rich on variations and delivering the goods in the leads as well as in the rhythm department and also shine with great solos), blasting and charismatic Spoken Words/Rap lead vocals, broad, fat, and loud widescreen gang back up chants, strong arranged verses and totally powerful refrains, often with strong hooklines and also a stunning sing a long potential, a very well present and thunderous bass work, and versatile and heavy drumming, all melted together in strong and grapping, very intense songs, marked by thumbs-up-songwriting, full-power-energy non stopp, and all done by very well-skilled musicians. Great, build in some even-more variations and the next time this will be perfect; or at least pretty damn close. But also so this is just an outstanding bomb. Amazing!!! Great mixture out of New York Hardcore, Crossover/Rap Metal, and Thrash Metal, all with a strong 1990's Feeling to it but all done very fresh and alive/lively and also really strong self-contained with a unique and own identity and character so that this all is through and through authentic, real, and just up-to-date, so that you can be sure that we get here no lame and stale retro bullshit crap. Like recently already said RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR do it all very self-conatined but if you want to know for fans of what-ever-bands this one is or will-be definitely great stuff then I would say that fans of SUB ZERO, RHYTHM TRIP (especially of their almighty "BRING DA RUCKUS" debut), MADBALL, and METHOD OF DESTRUCTION will love this stuff, add some SLAYER and you're right (t)here. Okay, I think that's it, I've said so far all what there's to say here and now, even I could babble on and on how strong this album is, but I think you got the point already so far by now. Fresh and cool, strong lyrics, a fantastic artwork, and a pwerful bombing production sound finally only add up to the quality of this first-class very intense gem. And all is done from my point of view very authentic and sympathic as well. Highly recommended, so if you missed out on it so far for which reasons ever then give it a try or better get it right from the get-go. (FURYO) HARDCORE (from Paris, France)!!! FIST!!!
(9 of 10 points) (-the link to the Facebook of the band, even blogger will more or less definitely refuse to post it as a proper direct link I'm sure you know what you have to do to go there anyway so I can spare me every word more about it here at this point)
Note: Below the two pictures you'll also find two videos to two of my personal favorites from this very album here so that you can right here get a good impression of what's coming at you with this masterpiece.



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