Montag, 17. Juli 2017


(Running time: 42:58 minutes; 13 songs*)
(* as a bonus there are the three songs of the 2014 "KEEP HOLD" EP release enclosed)
("KB Records"; CD; 2016):
An on we go, next one coming right in, and like promised we go ahead and so after 2014 and 2015 we now have a 2016 release up for review here and now, before we land finally again in 2017 our present year and age. Here we have the so far current full length album release of the SAINTS & SINNERS from Prague, the capital of (the) Czech Republic, entitled "BREAKAWAY" and released, like already mentioned, in 2016 and this via the sympathic german label of the name of "KB RECORDS". A band before unknown to me (yes, stressful and nerve-racking years it has been so I missed out on quite a few bands, calm down, that's life), damn it, and I am very glad that this now finally changed. Bought this one last year when it came out and it blew me away right from the start. Hymnal, anthemic, and catchy, melodic and yet hard hitting and sharp cutting Oi! of the highest grade filled with powerful as well as ctachy-melodic guitars delivering pounding rhythms as well as shining leads and cool solos, first class hard buzzing and sawing bass work and impulsive drumming, enriched by charismatic sharp edged lead vocals, brilliant sing a long parts, and strong back up chants; and this whole done very fresh and just so damn energertic and grapping that it grabs you right from the start and refuses to let loose again. Fantastic stuff!!! I would say that definitely old english heroes like COCK SPARRER and THE BUSINESS were a clear influence as well as especially the great dutch masters because in my book or better ears especially mid-old/mid-new DISCIPLINE, CLOSE COMBAT, and TECH 9 left their mark in the sound, style, and music of SAINTS & SINNERS, and here and there also some PERKELE shine through, and the bOi!s from Prague manage to melt it all together in a very own and self-contained way, acquiring a strong own identity. That's just great and I love it. If you know me or maybe know this blog now already a little bit longer than you know that this is exactly "my thing", it's what kept and keeps me pushing on, always, to say it that way. So, okay, even this is now (especially for this blog and me) a very short review don't mistake it because this is a review on a brilliant record that you simply need to have as a part of your record collection. It's near to perfect, strong sonwgriting delivered by strong musicicans, all very authentic and just over-whelming strong. My personal favorites are "FIGHT FOR GLORY, PLAY TO WIN", "SOUNDTRACK OF YOUR LIFE", "THE PLACES I USED TO KNOW", "BURNING HEARTS", "EVERY SAINT, EVERY SINNER", "ONE OF THOSE", and "OUTNUMBERED", but also the (anyhow only few) not mentioned tracks are incredible strong. I just love it. Great lyrics, a beautiful artwork, and a first class production sound finally round it all up. And the bonus songs are a nice special (even mostly not so strong than the proper new ones), and showcase a maybe stronger english Oi! Oi! Oi! influence (at least in my book), and especially "F.I.M.H." really shines of the bonus tracks. Highly recommended release and album, anthem follows anthem, and this all very fresh and alive-lively, just go out and get it. So, hell yeahr, if you still don't have it and if you are into Oi! music then don't think twice and don't hestitate anymore, just go and get it. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!
(9 of 10 points)
(Note: The link to the band's site you'll find below.) (the link to the official facebook site of the band, and even if blogger again refuses to post this as a direct-link you know anyhow how to go there and so I'll spare me every words more about it here and now)

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