Montag, 31. Juli 2017


(Running time: 43:04 minutes; 14 Songs)
("SPV/Steamhammer" & "Rawhead Inc."; CD; 2015):
Okay guys, a late evening/early night or maybe even already a late night post here and now still coming up today. After enjoying the sun and all today I decided to again put up something new right now right here because more or less from tomorrow on my summer vacation is over and with me then being back @ work again I don't how much I'll be able to do up here especially the first days (but I'll do new posts anyhow, be sure). Okay, and after we reached and landed (also) in 2017 again with the last post up here we will now again step back and look again @ a 2015 release and then work on up through the years to another 2017 release. This time here and now we look @ PRO-PAIN's 2015 full-length-album "VOICE OF REBELLION", the 15th studio-full-length-album by the NYHC Roughnecks in sort of (over) 25 years of their existence as a band. And if you know me and/or know this blog then you know that PRO-PAIN are definitely one of the top ten most important bands ever to me and that I fucking love this band. Their two precursor-albums "STRAIGHT TO THE DOME" and "THE FINAL REVOLUTION" were damn strong ones and marked, personally for me, PRO-PAIN's return to old strength and glory after two (much) weaker albums and both mentioned releases made it without any doubts or problems in the top ten lists of "their" years up here. So how managed (and still manages) "VOICE OF REBELLION" to stand its ground and will it also convince (me) like its precursor releases? That are the interesting questions, and here I will try to answer this questions for you as good as I can, yehp, so here we go one more time again: PRO-PAIN deliver also on their new one their very own and unique harsh thrashing and angry metallic New York Hardcore, and why not, damn it with being sort of 25+ years around and with having released their 15th full-length-album 'in persona' "VOICE OF REBELLION" why should they now start to totally re-arrange their music, especially after they've evolved strongly over all this years and records and continously enriched and cultivated their music and records and Songs bit by bit; you're right, why should they? Yes, there are no reasons for doing this and so rightfully they don't do so. And as long as the quality is anyhow good all is even more good and fine. So here we get 14 sledgehammers and wreckingballs of mad thrashing NYHC the moshy and groovy yet still always fast and harsh shredding and also pretty hymnal and sort of catchy PRO-PAIN way; filled w/ bonesmashing and brutal sawing and shredding guitars delivering truckloads of heavyweight rhythm work and top notch lead work, cultivated with cool solos, marking and carrying heavily the songs forward, while Gary Meskil himself pushes the songs over the top w/ his hard and still incredible pissed off and totally charismatic, sharp cutting and very strong "accentuated" (does this word even exist... ;-) ...) vocals, giving the songs their crown(s), while the powerful and heavy rumbling drumming and the harsh buzzing bass playing creating the forceful and massive backbone of the tracks from which on the guitars and vocals carry the songs ahead, mercylessly pushing. And also here we get a lot of great little ideas that fresh it all up in a strong and impressive way, so that one more time again PRO-PAIN deny every "staleness" or "lameness", and their raw energy and the massive intensity is also here and is "just" adding more to the high quality of "VOICE OF REBELLION". The songwriting is tight and unforgiving and yet offers a lot of nicely worked out diversity so that the songs and the album remain very fresh and alive/lively and just make your fists go up and you raising your "VOICE OF REBELLION" in a salute to PRO-PAIN and their current album. And that the guys in PRO-PAIN are nothing but well-skilled veteran musicians should need no further explanations anyway. It's just fuckin' damn great, period. Compared to "THE FINAL REVOLUTION" then "VOICE OF REBELLION" is maybe again a little bit more "hardcoreish" than before. This is PRO-PAIN how I love them (one more time again). I'm sorry, but this one is again a total killer über-album, cultivated by strong and diverse lyrics, a cool artwork, and a first class production sound; yes, this is the complete package and the real deal, again. I can only recommend this one to you and it was also in my personal top ten of 2015. Okay, I think that's all what I got to say so far about PRO-PAIN's 15th full-length-album "VOICE OF REBELLION", my last words: If you really still shouldn't call it your own, why the hell ever, you should try to finally change this as soon as possible, point and fact. Highly recommended, get it asap. Hardcore!!! Fist!!!
(10 of 10 Points) (-the link to the homepage of the band, and even blogger will surely again refuse to post it as a direct link to the site you know anyhow how to go there and so I'll loose no words more about the how's and so on)


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