Montag, 17. Juli 2017


(Running time: 43:01 minutes; 14 songs)
("DSS Records"; CD; 2017):
And here we are, finally back in 2017, and this brings us a great album that's now waiting to be finally reviewed up here, the newest output the strong-going german Oi!/Streetpunk veteran band RIOT COMPANY from Hildesheim in Lower Saxony here in Germany, only sort of half an hour or so from me respectively from where I live. RIOT COMPANY are now already around for quite a while, always being a decent band, but what they offer us here with their new one "DRUNK'N'RUDE" is just damn fucking awesome, the fourteen new tracks of them totally rule and are sort of an showcase of ''just'' pure greatness, period and fact. This is really sharp aimed, hard hitting, and no-prisoners-taking Oi! with good doses of Streetpunk in it (or Streetpunk with good doses of Oi! in it, who cares ;-) ) that pushes harsh and angry forward yet always perpetuate a really strong and bright shining, always very present melodic and nearly larger-than-life anthemic/hymnal edge to it. Trademark is the dirty and crisply banging guitar work that delivers a massive and beefy punch that pushes the songs without mercy or regrets coercingly forward, delivering a bulky, power-pumping rhythm work and set on top of it all shining leads and ennoble it with suprisingly fresh and suasive solos. The guitar work really marks the songs heavily, added up by a nicely present bass that goes roaring and sawing full of power to work, while the rumbling drumming gives the songs the massy and solid, forceful and loadable backbone. On top of it as sort as the crown or crowning element of it all sit the pissed off and angry, cheeky and gutsy lead voacls, backed up by beefy and bulky back up chants, culminating in damn fucking great sing a longs. The songwriting is very strong and nicely varying and diverse and incorporates beside strong changes of the rhythmic architecture and the pace and groove or flow of the songs as well as of the mood and emotions of the songs also great SKA influences and this not just once. And this is all done in an incredible strong and pretty impressive way and a unique style, so that it is not only "just" great but also very distinctive and characteristic. So it all comes with an own flavor and strong own identity. Awesome stuff!!! My personal highlights are "SEVERAL HOURS", "ANTIFASCIST SKINHEAD", "ENDLESS NIGHTS", "BARE-KNUCKLE CONVERSATION", "DEAR OLD ENEMY #1" "LIFT UP YOUR GLASSES", and "RIOT ARMY", but also the here and now not mentioned songs just strike and rule in a supreme way. Mostly really strong and nicely diverse lyrics, a first-class artwork, and a dirty and earthy, yet hard and powerful punshing production sound made it all round and complete and so this album to the real deal and the complete package, nearly perfect. Like already mentioned, RIOT COMPANY have a strong own charakter and identity so I could spare me any sort of band comparisions but if you really need one or some then maybe you could find them on a very self-contained position somehwere between OXYMORON, BAD COMPANY PROJECT, BONECRUSHER, and GUTS & GLORY. This is highly recommended by me for/to you, so if you are anyhow into Oi!, Streetpunk, and Punkrock music make sure you get your hands on this one and trust me, this one will cheer up your days. Really great stuff!!! Get it!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!
(9 of 10 points) & (the links to the homepage and the facebook site of the band and I am pretty sure you know how to go there even then when blogger again refuses to post it as a direct link to the site, so just go there)

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