Freitag, 28. Juli 2017

INCUBUS - "BEYOND THE UNKNOWN" (1990, video, clasSICK video)

Hey guys, I don't know if I will be able to post some more valuable stuff today and tomorrow is a busy and joyful day so I don't know if before sunday or monday I will find the time to bring some new stuff up here, but I wanted to give you something new on here anyhow, not at least because beside the two new Reviews and a videos-posting since my return from Munich this week didn't see so much new stuff coming up here and so at least a little ''Videos'' will be coming up today anyhow. Building some more momentum, you know... ;-) And I thought by myself: "Hey Andy, why not delivering your readers a little big clasSICK, right?!?'' Yes, so I thought, and so I now do. You now get in a YouTube-Videos-Format the complete larger-than-life album "BEYOND THE UNKNOWN" from the almighty INCUBUS, released back then in 1990, and this a true and trhough and through evil thrashing (Old School) Death Metal classick, also especially on a personal level, and it brings one hell of great memories to me, and it was and is also just a pure fantastic and intense and just almighty Album. Enjoy it. So, yes, that's it for now or maybe for today, have a great Weekend and soon more up here.


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