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(Running time: 43:47 minutes; 12 Songs)
("Roadrunner Records"; CD; 2016):
I'm finally back home and I've also found some free time @ this lovely evening and so it's time to do again some new stuff up here. And like promised I'll work up here again through the years to a (then next coming, following) 2017 release, and after reviews on records from 2014 and 2015 lately saw the light of the day up here and before we then hit finally 2017 again (probably tomorrow) we will now have some close looks on an album from 2016, and this 2016 one here and now is "INCARNATE" the so far latest KILLSWITCH ENGAGE release from, like already one or two times mentioned, 2016 and again released back then via the mighty "ROADRUNNER RECORDS" label. And now enough of the introducing smalltalk, it's reviewtime, and so we do, so here we go: "INCARNATE" is the second KILLSWITCH ENGAGE album after the return of their original lead singer Jesse Leach (the first one was "DISARM THE DESCENT", a review on it you can also find on this blog, just search under the label of the band's name) and it contains twelve songs, and what shall I say, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE stick to their very own formula that was and still is uncountable times often copied but surely in 9 out of 10 cases never reached or matched. They stay true to themselves, not reinventing anything and not trying to fix anything that simply don't needed to be fixed, if they will manage to create or reach sort of a ''new generation'' of KSE fans is something I can't say and it is also something that's completly not of my interest or concern. But what's of my interest and concern is if the quality is right there or, to say it more "down-to-earth", do they still fucking move and reach me, do they convince me, do I like the new output; and damn it, I don't like it, I love it, period. It's still fresh and exciting and/or grapping, it rocks and ripps, at the same time it's totally heartfealt and emotional and through and through picked with emotions and passion and a lot of sincerity in music, lyrics, sound, style, and attitude. "INCARNATE" is absolutely out-standing melodic Metalcore or (how I definitely prefer to name it, after I simply don't see/hear any sort of ...-Core in it all) melodic Modern Metal of highest quality, close to perfection, and even KILLSWITCH ENGAGE surely stick to their very own formula, like also already mentioned, they still manage to work in fresh and new surprises and exciting elements and moments (like for example their first class IRON MAIDEN fueled and inspired NWOBHM-in-an-modern-U.S.american-way attempt titled "UNTIL THE DAY", one of my total favorites on this one and I'm pretty sure also one of my KSE favorites in general) and they deliver it all absolutely alive/lively so that we get a definitely (even partially more than "just") great and totally relevant album that's neither a lame ripp-off of their own glory works, nor a stale retro-Metalcorealbum feasting on a sound born and raised in this way and got big in the last decade, no, instead of this we get a kick ass release totally fresh, outstanding, and relevant in the current day and age. Maybe even more than before, time will tell, lyricwise definitely in parts more than before (but maybe that's also just me, who knows). Prepare yourself for crushing and ripping guitars that really shine in all senses and departments (great arrangements, fantastic powerful rhythm work, very strong guitar solos, and (of course) absolutely brilliant and shining forceful guitar leads delivering leaving-your-mouth-wide-open-and-giving-you-goosepimples-over-your-whole-body moments and melodies nearly without end), a damn tight yet incredible diverse working rhythm section, and of course the just sheer close-to-totally stand-alone vocals, and you can't praise Jesse Leach's voice high enough, he completly delivers, from grunted screams over throaty shouts to anthemic clear and heartfelt emotional singing we get it all and this all the time on highest grounds. The energetic and dynamic songwriting is multi-layered and multi-leveled and top notch first class stuff, all the time passionated and diverse and grapping-fresh, and that this guys are a hell of a pack of high-skilled musicians needs no further explanations anymore. I like "INCARNATE" even a bit more than it's already (and still) great precursor album "DISARM THE DESCENT", and if it wouldn't feature the crappy and boring "IT FALLS ON ME" it would get the highest rating up here without a doubt, but also so it's just a fantastic album that I can't recommend enough to you. My personal favorites are "ALONE I STAND", the über-hit "HATE BY DESIGN", "CUT ME LOOSE", "STRENGTH OF THE MIND", "EMBRACE THE JOURNEY... UPRAISED", "QUIET DISTRESS", "UNTIL THE DAY", and "WE CARRY ON", so maybe check this songs out first. "INCARNATE" is an album that KILLSWITCH ENGAGE fans will surely love (and that they have already anyhow by now, I'm pretty sure), and fans of melodic Metalcore/melodic Modern Metal like AS I LAY DYING, (older) UNEARTH, DISTURBED, and IN FLAMES (think of "COLONY" times) should love or at least like it, too (but keep in mind that KILLSWITCH ENGAGE or in short KSE are sort of the original of that sound and style); and anyone interested in hard yet melodic and just amazing up-to-date and pretty clichee-free Metal music probably will cheer up to this one as well and should definitely risk one or two ears or buy it instantly anyhow. Strong and diverse lyrics, a beautiful artwork, and a powerful yet clear production sound then finally round it all up. Okay, I think I've said so much here and now anything and all, so yes, this one is a damn masterpiece, go and get it if you still shouldn't call it your own. First class stuff of supreme and prime quality, point and fact.
(9,5 of 10 Points) (the link to the homepage of the band; if you want to go there then you pretty sure know how to get there, even if blogger again refuses to post it as a direct link)
Note: Below the now coming pictures you also get the official video clip to "HATE BY DESIGN", so enjoy it.


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