Montag, 10. Juli 2017


(Running time: 31:29 minutes,12 songs)
("Sunny Bastards"; CD; 2017):
Whooaaa, post no. # three already today. The topic this time: A record review on the 2017 self titled album of DIE BRASSTERDS, a to me totally new german band playing Oi! influenced SKA Punk that deliver here their for all what I know full length debut album. I bought this album because they totally convinced me with the video to their song "WIR WAREN MAL" - and then I saw the whole album for a pretty low nice price and I thought why not taking the risk. Hm, now, looking back at this decision, hm, I don't really regret it but I also wouldn't have needed this album in my collection, to say it that way. For all what I read DIE BRASSTERDS are a new band fromed by members of THE OFFENDERS and OXO 86. Hm, and I think somewhere between this two bands you do also find DIE BRASSTERDS, SKA Punk with some Oi! influences in it. Pretty energetic guitars and a straight forward rhythm section combined with loud "horns" and marked by enthusiastic sing a longs and a grunty and throaty lead vocal voice. All good and fine but also, nah, to be honest personally for me only "WIR WAREN MAL", "LE FRISUR", and "DESHALB TRINKST DU HEUTE" sort of stick out, the rest is totally average material -  (but) that especially OXO 86 fans should pump up, maybe. Lyricwise we get a lot of non-sense, nothing-saying, über-superficial, pseudo-politically "left wing" lyrics that also could have been done by a thirteen year old "rebellious" Punk boy/girl in middle school, but who cares. Beside this lyrics we get more or less funny lyrical stuff. So lyricwise as well as musicwise nothing special. But also nothing that hurts anyone either. The package is made round by a nice artwork and a good clear and powerful production sound. Fans of the above mentioned bands and especially of OXO 86 can probably calmly risk an ear and our proud anticapitalistic AFA warriors will love them anyway but beside this target group(s) I can't really recommend this album to anyone, especially because the songwriting simply lacks grapping moments and this album gets very soon very stale and boring (in my case already at my first listening session where ca. after the first half of the album I had to fight to keep my attention pointed at the music), okay, but we will see what the future will hold in store and beside this I think I've said enough about DIE BRASSTERDS for the moment. Average SKA Punk with some and also some more Oi! influences in it, but if you feel the need to add a new average band and album to your collection then go ahead and buy this album - but maybe just risk an ear before doing so. But I can imagine that live on stage this all will be pretty good stuff. Okay, anyhow, that's it. Good night.
(5,5 of 10 points) (facebook site of the band, copy the link into the headline of your browser tab and then just go there if interested)

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