Montag, 10. Juli 2017


(Running time: 41:19 minutes, 19 songs)
("Hellcat Records" & "Epitaph Records"; CD; 2017): 
2017 and the almighty RANCID strike fucking back. 2017 and "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE" is finally back on the map again. 2017 and your dear Manslaughter-Andy feels like coming back and just do some of the stuff I used to do up here for five or six years in a row (before calling it a day back then two years ago or so) finally again and maybe in the (soon) future also in a different format, we'll see. 2017 and a little comeback about which enough words are here and now already lost, so now back to the really important part of this post: RANCID are back. And "TROUBLE MAKER" is their new(est) output. I love RANCID, maybe not every single one of their albums as much as the other, but I love this band and their very own style of high class value-music, one of the very best bands outta there, now and then, and definitely one of my top five or even top three (yes, of my top three) Punkrock bands ever. Their very own and unique cocktail of Streetpunk with strong SKA and Reggae influences, brilliant Oi! Oi! Oi! impressions (just listen for example to the main lead of their high octane anthem "BUDDY" on this very album here), and some nice doses of Rock & Roll and (especially on this album) Country music (just the feeling of "TELEGRAPH AVENUE" on this one will give you goosepimples, not to talk about the main guitar lead of the awseome "GHOST OF A CHANCE", absolutely and through and through totally AMAZING) in it, all blended and melted together in a just outstanding and totaly unique way; often copied, but never anyhow matched or anyway beaten. RANCID to me where always sort of the U.S. american THE CLASH, but in their own right, more in an authentic "raised outside on the streets"-way, and (especially today) even better. Hell yeahr, like I've already said, I love RANCID, and this for very good if not the best reasons, point and fact - and I'm totally in love with their new "TROUBLE MAKER". Their new one is a superb example of the above given description of their rich and full-flavor unique Streetpunk+ music, filled with great songwriting and thrilling songs delivered by strong musicians, with heart, passion, and soul, and the songs are damn fresh and lively-alive and just kick ass and make your fist go up by itself. Great sharp and bonecracking guitars, strong and powerful rhythms and just goose-pimple leads, powerful and strong and very present versatile bass work, pounding drums, strong back up chants, and just amazing snotty and charismatic (lead) vocals. In short: RANCID in bestform and totally over the top. Imagine "TROUBLE MAKER" as a superb and damn perfect, fresh and stand-alone bastard out of "...AND OUT COME THE WOLVES", "LIFE WON'T WAIT", and "HONOR IS ALL WE KNOW" and you'll have a pretty good impression of what's waiting for you. All made round by great lyrics straight outta life, a powerful punshing yet still dirty production sound, and a simple but just great artwork. I could name the whole album when you ask me for some listening-tipps, but if I should name you my current absolute favorite tracks that would be "TELEGRAPH AVENUE", "BUDDY", "AN INTIMATE CLOSE UP OF A STREET PUNK TROUBLE MAKER", "ALL AMERICAN NEIGHBORHOOD", "BOVVER ROCK & ROLL", "GHOST OF A CHANCE", "MAKE IT OUT ALIVE", "BEAUTY OF THE POOL HALL", "SAY GOODBYE TO OUR HEROES", and "THIS IS NOT THE END" (and the two bonus tracks "WE ARRIVED RIGHT ON TIME" and "GO ON RISE UP" also just simply rule). Okay, any questions left? Nah, come on, just go out and get this absolute MASTERPIECE of an album. Ah, and no better way to breathe new life into this blog than with a review on this very one here, RANCID's "TROUBLE MAKER". And now, like already mentioned, go and get it. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!
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