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ANTAGONIZERS ATL & DDC - "SPLIT EP" (American Oi! in your face, b***h!!!)

("REBEL SOUND MUSIC"; 7'' vinyl EP)
(Release date: 19th September 2014.)
(Collector informations: Limited worldwide to just 600 copies at all. 200 come on black vinyl, it's the "ordinary" pressing; then 200 more come on red vinyl with black splatter effect, and the final 200 copies then come on half red and half black vinyl.)
(Running time: Four songs in ten minutes, each band delivers two songs on their sides.)
(Acknowledgement: A very big "THANK YOU!!!" goes out to Brett Hole and "BLACKHOLE RECORDS", one more time, for sending me this EP for reviewing it, so "THANKS A LOT!!!" Brett, that's - again - damn great of you.)
Okay folks, pretty busy today up here, so the impression you could get today, hm, and after I am currently sick at home and with this more or less forced to stay home with this one today now being the fifth or sixth day of being sick or ill in a row I'm feeling totally pissed but now finally even only very slowly I am starting to feel really better a (big) bit after all I though it's time to bring finally some action into things up here again, and so I did respectively so I still do. And I thought why not start with reviews on the albums I know of so far for all up to this point that had been send lately my way for reviewing them, and here's the third and so far final one of this releases, and this is the - so much I can say right here at the starting point - damn great "SPLIT EP" between the ANTAGONIZERS ATL and the DDC, which stands for DRINK AND DESTROY CREW, both bands roar out from the street gulches of Atlanta, Georgia/U.S.A., and this is one hell of a great little album one more time brought to us by the cool folks who work their ass' off in "REBEL SOUND MUSIC".
So, okay, here we go, the ANTAGONIZERS ATL are probably no strangers to you anymore, and may it be only because of the review I've done on their for what I know precursor release just a few couple of months ago. (Read it here:, if you still don't know it but are anyhow interested in it.) They sticked true to their style and sound and that's just great. Maybe they only worked it out even a bit more with making it all even more tight, precise, forceful, and just sheer no holds barred. So expect some good healthy doses of powerful dustdry sawing and rocking guitars here that mark the songs heavily and that shine with a great dynamic very natural/organic grooving rhythm work as well as with very cool sharp edged leads and solos, too. Add up to this the forceful rhythm work of the bass and the drums, precise, tight, to the point played and just totally filled with explosive energy, and then cultivate it all with the great lead singing vocals, loud and proud crew back up chants, great arranged verses and totally anthemic sing a long refrains and you should get a very good impression of what this guys, the ANTAGONIZERS ATL deliver us here with their two songs "PRESSURE" and "THE CREW F.U." in their bonecracking dustdry anthemic heavy rocking Atlanta raised American Oi!/Streetpunk style that you maybe can best describe as a very strong, a great, and a very self-contained mixture out of THE ANTI-HEROES, THE TRADITIONALS, some few early SKREWDRIVER and some few SEX PISTOLS. This shit really rules!!! Btw, something that I just know by now and that I didn't know before is the fact that the guys in the ANTAGONIZERS ATL in their younger days played in other great and also today pretty legendary bands like for example ADOLF AND THE PISS ARTISTS and VIBRAM 94, just that you know it, and so no one should wonder that this guys know the deal which means that here are some skilled musicians at work delivering their songs in the way of really strong songwriting. First class lyrics we get as well. Thumbs up!!!
So here this time the ANTAGONIZERS ATL get (again) the rating of 9 of 10 points from me, great work, again.
Then the next side is occupied by the to me so far unknown DDC that also hail out from Atlanta. They give us also two songs on their side, two songs that carry the titles of "HATED" and "VICTORY". They play a very heavy and brutal but yet still damn anthemic/hymnal and through and through really sing-a-long-friendly catchy but anyhow all the time tough as nails Roughneck American Oi! through and through filled with heavy and hard shredding guitars that deliver brutal assaulting riffs and bloody catchy right through your ears into your head storming leads and solos that bite you without letting you loose again, also a great rhythm work is delivered by the guitar playing. Backed up by a grim and bulky bass work in a thru and thru real deal powerhouse style, and massive and harsh stomping  ruff'n'tuff warzone drumming thundering from out of your speakers. Their crown the songs then get from the great harsh and pissed off shouted Hardcore styled lead vocals, that are backed up by broad and fat widescreen gang shoutings. One of the harder and also Hardcore influenced American Oi! bands of today, and one of the strongest ones, too. DDC are best to find somewhere between RAZORS IN THE NIGHT and FEAR CITY with some PATRIOT and some (very) few STARS & STRIPES thrown into the mix as well, and they deliver it thankfully also all already very self-contained and you can easily hear that here are also skilled musicians at work that also know how to write grapping and entertaining songs, and so they do. Strong lyrics we get also delivered by DDC, which means by no one else than the DRINK AND DESTROY CREW from Atlanta, Georgia/U.S.A., and for this one more time again they get two thumbs up from me.
So DDC get here and now a rating of 9 of 10 points from me, great work, too.
Beside the great music on both sides of the vinyl delivered by both bands we also get a first class artwork and also on both sides a heavy yet still dirty enough bombing production sound, so that you easily can imagine, that this little album here is nothing less than the complete package and the real deal. This is highly recommended and I can just say that you need have to this as soon as possible especially when you proclaim to be only anyhow a little bit into Oi!, Streetpunk, Hardcore, and Punkrock music, into real street muisc. And btw, the ANTAGONIZERS ATL and DDC are definitely two of the most promising bands in the world of Oi! today, so we all better watch out for them and now just go out and get it. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
(Final rating: 9 of 10 points)
(Note: Future releases of both bands shall already be more or less ready in the pipeline, so again: Watch out for them!!!)


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