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DEAD MAN'S CHEST - "NEGATIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE" (New Breed of Holy Terror Hardcore raging out of the U.K., released in 2014 via "BEATDOWN HARDWEAR "; CD & LP Release)

(Release information: Released on CD as well as on vinyl, and the LP version comes in limited different colours. - But don't ask me about any numbers of limitations of which colour ever and also don't ask me if there are still any LP copies floating around, if you want it on vinyl then just go out and look for yourself.)
(Running time: Five songs in exactly 27:25 minutes.)
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Hey folks, back in action again, a great long and free weekend lies behind my girlfriend and me and so now here I go with bringing some action up again here. Okay, not loosing many words here just straight into the action, next up here and now is my review on the current 2014 release of the U.K. Hardcore Roughnecks in DEAD MAN'S CHEST titled "NEGATIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE" released some few short months ago via the german label "BEATDWON HARDWEAR" on CD and on vinyl, too. Three years ago in 2011 they released their debut album "HATELINE" via "SEVENTH DAGGER", and sometime then in 2011 I reviewed it up here and it got six out of ten points up here by me (why you can read here: - if you are interested in it, hm, but maybe first read on this review here before you click and follow the link to the old review, just thinking), and now in 2014 they are back... and they are in an amazing and impressive way back with a tremendous amount of miles lieing behind their debut and their follow up release, this very one here, such an incredible huge (and I mean HUGE) step DEAD MAN'S CHEST have made in this three years in between, and it's a HUGE step forward. A breathtaking development or (r)evolution of this very band of the name of DEAD MAN'S CHEST that they proof and showcase here on and with their second offspring "NEGATIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE", definitely!!! Okay, and now step by step: DEAD MAN'S CHEST turned from a more or less ordinary or typical Beatdown affiliated metallic Tough Guy Hardcore group into a monster of what ya may can best describe as the New Breed of HOLY TERROR Hardcore (or at least as one sort of this mentioned New Breed), today they are to be located on a very stand-alone position somewhere in between INTEGRITY and ROT IN HELL on the one side, and KNUCKLEDUST, TERROR, and xTYRANTx on the other side with cultivating it all with some (older) BORN FROM PAIN and some few UNIT 731 impressions as well, and expect them to do this all absolutely stand-alone and self-contained. So you maybe get more and more a pretty good and also pretty precise impressions of what DEAD MAN'S CHEST celebrate here on this groundbreaker titled "NEGATIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE", so prepare yourself for an devastating all out war attack dominated by a phenomenal forceful and exactly that phenomenal diverse guitar work that covers all the wide distance from harsh and just sheer brutal hammering riffing to symphonic-melodic leads and atmospheric solos and interplays and that's all the time just shining and absolutely skilled, just fucking amazing. Add to this totally charismatic dry throated and aggressive, brutal Hardcore shouts as lead vocals that are backed up by incredible massive gang shouts and that are enriched by a big bunch of great guest performances by Dwid Hellion/INTEGRITY, John Music/xTYRANTx, Pelbu/KNUCKLEDUST & BUN DEM OUT, Johnny X Plague/WINDS OF PLAGUE, and Matt Spencer/HOMETOWN HATE that all deliver the goods in a perfect matching and perfect done way. Then there's this hammering and stomping bass playing and this bombing and totally precise and perfect in time done tight and heavy drumming, and all is wrapped up or dressed in a shining skilled and diverse songwriting so that you will find tons of surprises and goodies to discover behind the atomizing brutality and the destructive heavyness of the songs if you just listen to the songs a little bit more intense and precise, just a little bit, and you will discover one hell of a rich and multi-layered, atmospheric and emotional and through and through true and real and also brilliant Hardcore album, all done by skilled musicians (and maybe even more/higher skilled songwriters). All is made round by very strong expressive and meaningful lyrics that really carry a strong message, a powerful heavy and yet still dirty production sound, and a totally stunning great, detailed, (again) meaningful, and work-filled fantastic artwork (that also delivers a programmatic meaningful Charles Manson cit as well that adds up perfect to the music and the lyrics/message and atmosphere of this album), ah, and not to forget that one song is a outshining great done cover version of the immortal INTEGRITY classic "BRINGING IT BACK", just that you know it. Okay, after all I think I said respectively wrote all what I had to say/write about "NEGATIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE", and so just let me close this review here and now with three last final ascertainments: (1.) This is one of the very best Hardcore albums for 2014 and pretty sure also for years to come (as well as in years, too) and also beside Hardcore no matter which genre you may ever pick this is anyhow one of the strongest albums of 2014 without any doubts. Then: (2.) What DEAD MAN'S CHEST have done and how far they have come in the last passed three years and what they showcase and proof here on and with "NEGATIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE" is nothing else than damn fucking impressive and fantastic and something that definitely not many bands could do or had done so far. And: (3.) To buy this album is your damn duty and so when I say: "Get it!!! Buy it!!!" I don't just recommend it to you or give you a good advice, hell no, then in this case it's a damn fucking order, period. So, that's all for now, just get it... and now you know the deal. A fantastic, stand-alone, and bright shining album, period!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! /// Andy
(10 of 10 points)
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