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JUSTICE BLOCC - "JUSTICE BLOCC EP" (American Oi! from Colorado Springs)

("D.I.Y." + "Oi! THE BOAT RECORDS"; Advance Digital Release)
(Information: JUSTICE BLOCC is a new, young band from the States that shares in parts members with the great 99 BOTTLES and that got signed recently by/to "Oi! THE BOAT RECORDS" where the songs of this very EP here will be released in the future of this fall, and I would bet on 7'' vinyl. This is the advance digital release of this future EP already released via Spotify, iTunes, and Sound Cloud through "Oi! THE BOAT RECORDS", so perhaps you already now know where to look for it promptly.)
(Running time: Three songs in around nine minutes.)
(Thanks to: Sebastian, the drummer and manager of JUSTICE BLOCC who also is in 99 BOTTLES and who wrote me an E-Mail with the three songs and all the artwork done so far for reviewing it, and so here and now I do so. So, of course, THANKS a lot man.)
Here we have the for all what I know first release so far of/by JUSTICE BLOCC, a young and strong going short cropped band from Colorado Springs that's stomping out some steel toed beats that know how to convince... and also how to conquer. With sharing at least in parts some members with the 99 BOTTLES you can be sure that we get some quality stuff and no lame bullshit crap, and that's all good and fine with me, point and fact. We get three songs in around ca. nine minutes here on this one, the songs carry the titles "86'D", "IT'S NOTHING NEW", and "TIME", and all three songs are bonebreaking, dustdry rocking, and harsh stomping rockin' and rollin' American Oi! maybe best to be located loosely somewhere between THE BROADSIDERS, THE BRIDGEBURNERS, and THE 86'ED maybe with some few "Chiswick"/(early) SKREWDRIVER influences (in some of the guitar parts) as well and "TIME" reminds me even a bit of bands like the SORE LOSERS and RAZORWIRE, oh yeah', and then you should be aware of the fact that JUSTICE BLOCC as new as they maybe are as a band already play it pretty independently without doing any musical copy'n'paste work, and this guys know how tro play and how to write really strong songs. This is in a very sympathic and fresh totally unobstrusive way anthemic and catchy yet really heavy rocking and dustdry and dirty rolling fresh American Oi! dominated by the harsh and dirty yet very melodic guitar work that delivers beside great powerful riffing and rhythm works also great shining solos and damn catchy and melodic leads, as well as it is also dominated by the forceful harsh (but really) sung lead vocals that give the songs even more hymnal (or anthemic) potential and that are backed up by loud crew chantings at all the right places and in all the right times Then all is backed up in a bulky and strengthening way by the massive rockin' and dirty rollin' rhythm work delivered by the bass and the drums. The songs groove all the way in a rockin' (yes, again, but they simply do it, the definitely rock - and roll -, so just better get used to it) and especially earthy and organic way, and the songwriting is already first class so that no boring similarities or any blank lame and stale place is there to find. Just tighten it all up and maybe shake it here and there a bit up with some higher paced songs and it will be even better in the future, maybe even nearly perfect, but also so JUSTICE BLOCC delivered already some really and truly damn good stuff, and one damn strong of a debut release Also good lyrics, a nice artwork, and perfect matching dirty and warm and earthy production sound we get on top of it all. Nothing left to add here, here comes a damn good band and a huge promise for the future, and I can only recommend this little album to you so better don't think twice when you see it somewhere as soon as it will be released, just buy a copy of it and enjoy the ride. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
(8,5 of 10 points)
(Band contact: - copy this link into the headline of your browser and then just go there and give the boys a thump up.)

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