Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014


Hey folks, tonight maybe (?) only this little video for you.
I don't know how things will go on from now, but currently I don't think that I will
get that much more done today respectively tonight up here.
But now some short words to this video: It's a YouTube ''Video'' done by whom ever of the
complete "YOUR LIFE, MY DEATH" album of the Russian Funeral Doom Metal band
of the name FUNERAL TEARS, released in 2007.
I love this music, this epic, emotional, desolate-atmospheric, intense, sick, and brutal muSICK,
and after unfortunately this band and album were so far completly under my radar,
yes,  I enjoy them currently heavily.
So, if you are into in this stuff or interested in it, okay, then enjoy it, too. Especially when you
don't know them already so far.
That's it for now, more in one way or the other pretty soon.
Cheers and have a great evening. /// Andy
Just some few short inspirational words tonight.
Overcome your inner demons that hold you back
to become the best that you only can be.
And then... PUSH HARDER!!!

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