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DRUG SHOCK - "STRENGTH IN NUMBERS" (Here's what happens when members of IRON CROSS and COPYRIGHT CHAOS join forces. Oi! Oi! Oi! fuckin' destrOi!)

(Note: For all what I know this very one here is in this form of this particular colabortaion release of the two involved and above mentioned labels a solely vinyl release, but I would bet that there will be also a CD release in which form and via which label ever.)
(Collector informations: Worldwide limited to just 500 copies in total = 200 copies on black vinyl; 100 copies in half red and half orange with black splatter effects, this is the Band Exclusive pressing; 100 copies in half swamp green and half mustard vinyl, this is the "REBEL SOUND MUSIC" exclusive pressing; 100 copies in transparent green vinyl with yellow and purple splatter effects, this is the "JOE POGO RECORDS" exclusive pressing.)
(Running time: Twelve songs in a running time of thirty-five minutes.)
(Acknowledgement: THX to Brett Hole/"BLACK HOLE RECORDS" for sending me this album in its - complete (!!!) - digital version for reviewing it, THX very much man - one more time again.)
(Label site I, "REBEL SOUND MUSIC":
(Label site II, "JOE POGO RECORDS":
Here's the for all what I know the first (full length) release of/by DRUG SHOCK, a pretty new band founded in 2012 by members who otherwise play in the almighty IRON CROSS and in the so far to me pretty unknow COPYRIGHT CHAOS, and after they played their ass' off live on stage more or less all over the States they finally entered the studio and did what they had to do, they created one hell of a dirty and heavy bad ass Oi! Punk Bastard titled "STRENGTH IN NUMBERS" that will take you by storm with hitting you straight and right direct into the face like the sharp aimed and harsh carried-out swing of or with a rusty sledgehammer, smashing it - which means your face - into bloody pieces, and anyhow still leaving you with a totally satisfied smile over what once were your lips. This is hard and heavy by great guitars dominated very powerful and at the same time in a great way catchy, rich on sing-a-longs, and melodic and also harsh rocking by heavy guitars driven Oi! Punk Music of the just damn great kind with a strong Classic U.K. Punkrock influence, but that's thankfully very fresh and lively done and so there's no annoying lame or stale retro bullshit crap to be noticed here, and that's making it all even a bit more more great. Expect heavy and mercyless forward pushing and driving guitars without end, guitars that fire out harsh riffs and cracking rockin' and very organic or natural groovin' rhythms yet also sheer outshining leads and cool solos as well all the time, and guitars that also add up heavily to the great anthemic spirit of the songs, while at the same time are above any discussions the totally mercyless bonecracking and dustdry forward pushing dominating factor of the music of DRUG SHOCK. Cultivated it is all by the hard yet smart which means really sung, and this means clean and at the same time absolutely forceful sung and not "just" shouted lead vocals, backed up great loud widescreen fat and broad crew back up chantings, that deliver great verses as well as totally supreme dominant refrains and one hell of a truckload full of really large sing a longs. Then there's a nicely present bass, heavy and forward storming with beefing up the songs strongly and without taking any prisoners, and then there's still the furious drumming beating and smashing, without regrets the songs froward flogging, that's how I like it. All is done in a great way of grapping and interesting and just sheer sparkling songwriting, delivered by very strong musicians. Imagine a very strong and cool, and also a very self-contained mixture out of G.B.H. (I think first and foremost of their "PUNK JUNKIES" days) and some only very few SEX PISTOLS with PATRIOT, U.S. CHAOS, and THE BUSINESS and adding up some ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE as well as some OXYMORON to it for good then you will surely have a pretty good impression of what DRUG SHOCK are all about. We also get strong lyrics, a really fantastic Old School styled artwork, and a first class bombing production sound. That's all, I think you know the deal, this one is highly recommended so just better go out and get it. I really hope that DRUG SHOCK will also deliver us the goods in the future, not that this great album turns out to be just another flash in the pan. But anyhow, I make it simple: Buy it!!! Promptly!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
(Rating: 9 of 10 points)

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