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CREPEHANGAR - "DEMO E.P." (Chaotic and raw Hard/Crustcore noise raging from out of Victoria, British Columbia/Canada; D.I.Y. Digital Release; 2014)

("D.I.Y."; Digital Release)
(Information: This is for all what I know a current and a total D.I.Y. album done as a digital release and distributed and released by the band itself.)
(Thanks to: Matt P. of CREPEHANGAR for sending me their album, because otherwise I am pretty sure I would have totally missed out on them and this would have been anything but good, if you get what I mean, so THANX very much man, great of you.)
Oh man, where to start. Okay, maybe here and with this: Matt P., who is in CREPEHANGAR (btw, what's the damn meaning of this band name?!?) wrote me a week ago or so an E-Mail with asking me to do a review on the for all what I know new or current (and maybe first?!?) release of "his" band, CREPEHANGAR (of course), and as asked for so delivered (and in this case why ever pretty promptly... maybe I should more regular check my E-Mails again and if I do so then I should maybe not save and forget the stuff on my harddisk for too long... sounds like a good plan to me... we will see what of it will stand the test of time...;-)............), and now here's my review on it, their "DEMO E.P.". And I will now make it easy for you and me and start with the statement that this is an all out attack of chaotic and (mostly fast paced) raging and also truly pretty raw Crustcore with a big load of very Punk fueled Old School Hardcore in it and also with surely big doses grinding madness shining through on more than just one occasion. So you can excited look forward to furious and mad raging harsh and mercyless shredding dirty and skullsmahing guitars, thundering heavy fast and skillful mostly between slaughtering D-Beat and heads off screwing grinding Blast Speeds varying drumming, a very present wild boar styled evil roaring and pissed off sawing bass on the rampage, and totally sick and weird hysterical screamed and also brutal and pissed off shouted all the time very aggressive psycho lead vokillz, it's all there and it's all damn strong, damn great, but... but there's happening even more and I mean so much more, far more here in the songs and musick of CREPEHANGAR, this sickoz from Victoria in British Columbia/Canada. From grinding and sick'n'weird aggressive Hardcore and Punk fueled D-Beat/Crustcore the journey CREPEHANGAR take us on with them proceeds us afar and this really, really far, just take the incredible great "ZERO HOUR" with its fantastic walking and talking bass playing, its great unleashed mercyless grooving SKA licking and even into Surf Music skankin'n'sawing guitar work, its very sweet breezy slackly buoyant yet very powerful and heavy drumming, and it's totally fucked up crazy lead vocals that reach from sick suffering hysterical psychotic screams to totally weird over the top clean sung vocal parts that sound sort of a young DANZIG on a crazy trip fueled by magick mushrooms, totally weird and bizarre in an all positive sense, totally great. Or take the mighty "OPERATION ZEUS", this by grinding Hardcore touched nearly perfect Post Core madness in which they manage to work in a nearly Psychobilly like Slapping Bass Assault beside noisy alarm bell like ringing and clinging guitars and which they let cease with a BLACK SABBATH styled old schoolish very doomy Heavy Metal/Hard Rock part (including fucking strong adjuring clean sung suffering lead vokillz) that totally rules. Or as another example take the evil smasher "147" that especially shines very bright due to it's great rhythm work and the nearly sweet singing but underneath the surface totally sick and twisted shining and screaming lead guitar that's sort of a weird and perverted mimicry tribute thing to Old School Heavy/Speed/Thrash Metal guitar leads and solos, and the canting of the song in a nearly perfect short furious raging noisy Post Core inferno at its end. Fucking awesome, and you see: It's not really possible (at least for me) to compare CREPEHANGAR with any other band or bands out there, such a totally unique stand-alone style they play, but if you really need any band names of other bands to compare them with because my review and the description of their musick done by me isn't expressive enough for you then think of a hellish wildfire mixture out of DISCHARGE, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, DC Oi!, TORCHBEARER, and (old/-er) THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and you should have a good coordinate system where to locate them in and what to expect to come storming at you here on and with this great little album of them. A dark and pretty confusing artwork we get as well, a sympathic and authentic dirty and raw yet still very forceful production or recording sound, and pretty interesting lyrics, too. I cannot highly enough recommend this to you outta there if you are into extreme musick stuff, because this is one hell of an album that you must have, point and fact, and CREPEHANGAR are definitely one of the biggest promises for the future in the wide field of really extreme (and also emotional) musick somewhere between Crustcore, Grindcore, Hardcore, Punk, Sludge Core, and Post Core/Metal, no discussion about this, period. And where the hell are any good labels outta there, are they sitting on their ears?!? Here's something really great happening, so even if the labels may sleep make sure that you don't do so and so go to their Bandcamp site and pick their download and enjoy the raving ride this album offers. /// Andy
(9 of 10 points)

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