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SIXTEEN CELL - "THE VALE OF TEARS" (Russian Post Death Metal/Core, released in 2014.)

("D.I.Y."; MP3 Online Digital Release + Download)
(Release date: 1st September 2014.)
(Running time: Seven songs - including one "Intro" track - in around twenty-two minutes.)
(Download link:
(Note: I have not a single clou more than this album here, hm, basically about anything concerning this band and album, just stumbled upon them recently when I was surfing through the web on my never ending search - or hunt... - for new fresh music and then I found them, SIXTEEN CELL, and their album "THE VALE OF TEARS". So don't ask me about any physical releases and also don't ask me about any label backing this release up, also please don't ask me anything about the band  because beside this album - and this also solely in this its digital form - I don't know them... but this is anyway enough for me to do a review on it anyhow, point and fact.)
Hey folks, finally time for a new artcile up here to finish and close the month known as October in a proper way, and this is in this very case here and now with a review on a so far untill now totally unknown band (and album) to me, the band SIXTEEN CELL from St. Petersburg/Russia founded in 2012 and this very review that you are currently reading here is on their pretty current release from the 1st of September '14 that carries the title "THE VALE OF TEARS" and after their Bandcamp site taught me some informations about them I know that it's already their fourth release to date. Seems to me to be a very active band. And you know what: That's all more than "only" good and fine with me, "just" judging by this very one here, their newest and youngest born offspring child. So, with having been so far totally unknown to me I can only give you my words on this album, and so now I do: If you are in love with totally weird and over the top, very progressive and beside this all also very brutal and definitely also very atmospheric and melodic pretty cold and dark Death and/or Metal Core musick with a strong Post Core/Metal flavor added to it all, hell man, than SIXTEEN CELL with their new album "THE VALE OF TEARS" will definitely be your new holy grail or something close to this. They combine brutally stunning heavy and at the same time surely nearly breath taking melodic and symphonic, very atmospheric guitars that come over you like a thunder-storm and will conquer you promptly with really great shining double lead vocals (brutal male shouts and grunts and powerful yet melodic clean sung female vocals), and all they back up by fantastic sound effects and one hell of a great rhythm section. Life is giving to the songs by or through damn impressive songwriting (diverse, intense, grapping, skilled, and above all damn atmospheric), and all is delivered by very high skilled musicians that celebrate a very own kind of music that's maybe best described to be located on a very self-contained position somewhere in the wide and loose field (in-) between ONE MORE VICTIM, EMMURE, HIS STATUE FALLS, NEUROSIS, and also some (very) few THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and also some Brutal Death Metal like especially FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, yes, somewhere there you will surely find SIXTEEN CELL and their brandnew "THE VALE OF TEARS" album, and you will definitely enjoy them/it if you are into the mentioned bands and style(s)/kind(s) of musi(c)k. A great artwork, a clear and heavy just brilliant production sound, and for all what I get also pretty interesting lyrics we get on top of it all. Just give us a real "hit" or so the next time and it will be near to be perfect the next time. A great and interesting band and album that I can't recommend enough here and now. Go and get it, and it also costs you only one lousy dollar, just that you know it... btw... Like already said, a truly great album, and so I will now close this review with just pointing out that I definitely love this stuff, it's so damn great. /// Andy
(Rating: 9 of 10 points)

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