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THE TRANSITIONS - "THE TRANSITIONS EP" (Waving Dark Punk from Melbourne, Australia. Released via "REBEL SOUND MUSIC" as a 7'' vinyl EP in 2014.)

("REBEL SOUND MUSIC"; 7'' vinyl EP)
(Collector informations: Limited to 500 copies worldwide = 200 copies in black; 200 copies in oxblood vinyl, it's the Band Exclusive Pressing; 100 copies in transparent Coke bottle green vinyl, it's the "REBEL SOUND MUSIC" exclusive pressing.)
(Running time: Four songs in eleven minutes.)
(Acknowledgement: One more time again a big THX goes out to Brett Hole/"BLACKHOLE RECORDS" for sending me the album for reviewing it.)
Okay, here's the first release of this still pretty new young band, THE TRANSITIONS, from Melbourne, Australia in which no one else than Al from the mighty MARCHING ORDERS and RAZOR CUT sings, all brought to us by the sympathic guys in "REBEL SOUND MUSIC". But if you know impose your hands in joyful anticipation of another load a great Oi! Oi! Oi! music roaring out from the cold concrete of the streets down under than I have to disappoint you here and now, because THE TRANSITIONS are something very if not completly different. They were formed in 2012 and here they deliver us their so far first ever release and they serve us four songs of a classic or Old School sort of Dark Punk Rock music with a to me sort of waving tendency and also with a sort of Pre-Punk music approach to it, all done very fresh and surprisingly alive-lively. The promo sheet names bands like JOY DIVISION, THE DAMNED, THE BUZZCOCKS, WARSAW, ACCENT (the ones from the U.K.), THE CHAMELEONS, BOYS NEXT DOOR, WIRE, and also TSOL as well as in general late 1970's and early 1980's Punk, Post Punk, and in general 1980's Down Under Rock and Pop music as influences and the forces behing THE TRANSITIONS, hm, and even I am honestly not that familiar with all the named bands I can easily underline the general proposition of this words as well as I can also easily underline that bands like JOY DIVISION, THE DAMNED, THE BUZZCOCKS, and TSOL are clearly influences of THE TRANSITIONS, at least (also) from my point of view. I would enrich it with expression straight and direct that the music of THE TRANSITIONS offers a pretty cool waving vibe due to the pretty laid back and very soulful and playful guitar playing that in its best and strongest moments even comes close to what the god-like NEW ORDER celebrated on their later/late works (just listen to the breath-taking heartfelt and soul- as well as playful guitar work of the from my point of view by far most strongest track "NO MORE YESTERDAY" here on this album and you should easily get it), as well as a very dark and sort of desolate atmosphere and character of the music of THE TRANSITIONS that puts it clearly near to bands like the already mentioned JOY DIVISION, just as an example. Beside the already mentioned sort of waving guitar work prepare yourself for the strong charismatic snotty sort of melancholic lead vocals, and great in time and precise working rhythm section. The songwriting differs nicely between more waving ("WAITING FOR THE MAN", and the mighty "NO MORE YESTERDAY") and more Punkrock styled ("SHOUTING AT SILENCE", and "LIVE FAST, DIE YOUNG") songs and stays so pretty fresh and entertaining over all the time, while I have to admit that I clearly and definitely like the more waving songs far more, but that's maybe just a matter of my personal taste and says maybe more about it than about the quality of the songs, who knows, anyhow, who cares... I would wish that the band would work more on a more focussed and decisive approach and then we will see to where the journey leads them. A nice surprise anyhow, an interesting listen as well, and a solid release which makes it a good starting point and a good debut album. If you have a faible for the mentioned bands and styles of music then give them a spin, could be worth your time. Good lyrics, a not ugly but somehow pretty lame artwork, and a strong production sound we get on top of it all. Check it out, and then decide for yourself. /// Andy
(Rating: 7 of 10 points)

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