Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014

BARKING IRONS - "FUCK YOU!" (So. Cal. American Oi! stomping over you. Released via "SKINFLINT MUSIC" on 7'' vinyl in 2014.)

("SKINFLINT MUSIC"; 7'' vinyl EP)
(Running time: Four songs in twelve minutes of running time.)
(Expression of thanks: A big "THANK YOU MAN!!!" goes out to Dave/"SKINFLINT MUSIC" for sending me this album in its digital promo version for reviewing it, "THX!!!" Dave, great of you.)
And here we go again, one more time today, whoaaa, really damn busy up here today, it reminds me quite a bit of the good ol' days and makes me think about how I got it done back then with posting frequently and on a regular basis about twenty or even about thirty posts per month for years... don't ask me how I did it back then, seems unthinkable today... more or less... but on such a regular and frequent level like I did it back then over the first two or three years, pfff, that's really unthinakble today... and again, don't ask me how I did it back then, hm, and btw the first two or three years, oh man, this makes me think about how long this blog's now running, makes me think about for how long I keep this little blog now running, despite even the (nearly) dead period(s) from the last year on up to this spring or so and still coming back... maybe it's time for some little anniversary in the future, I think I should have a look on it... we will see. But now, after this was all a little bit off topic it's now really time to get back to the topic here and now which is my review on the for all what I know current and first ever release of this young American Oi! Roughnecks from So. Cal. being brought to us by the great "SKINFLINT MUSIC" label run by Dave who used to send me the promo version of it (THX again man, great of you), and so now finally here we go again right into the action: BARKING IRONS hail from So. Cal. and play one hell of a fast paced aggressive and pissed off in your face smashing American Oi!/Streetpunk full of roaring and shredding aggressive, dirty, and harsh raging furious guitars, snotty and pissed off vulgar spitting lead vocals, harsh beating and stomping, drums, and a grim sawing bass, strong composed verses, hymnal refrains with a huge sing a long potential, and great little surprises in the pace and rhythm arrangements as well as in the guitar work (really strong leads and solos) of the songs, full power and energy and throttle non stop and here and there also enriched with some (very) few Hardcore impressions. BARKING IRONS are really a band that promises a lot for the future and I can't wait to hear more from them and this hopefully very soon. Maybe their style of music is best described to be found loosely somewehere in a self-contained sector of the field between OFFENSIVE WEAPON, LONESOLDIER, the FIGHTING 84, and some few THE ANTI-HEROES. Very good and really strong and pretty sure especially for german standards damn politically incorrect lyrics (thumbs up!!!) that carry a message (thumbs up twice!!!), a pretty cool artwork that fits perfect to the aggressive and pissed off very authentic attitutde of the BARKING IRONS and their "FUCK YOU!" debut, and a dirty and harsh pulsating production sound on top of it all, so it's all there what you may could need. Just keep up the good work and in the future we will see surely even better albums than this little one here, but don't make any mistakes because this very one here is already a really damn good little one and it's also a big promise for the future, so go out and buy it, because: This kicks ass!!! It rules!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
(Rating: 8 of 10 points)
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