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FATSKINS - "A YOUNG MAN'S GAME" (The Oi! Silverbacks from Arizona finally made it back on the map; CD & LP Release via "RANDALE RECORDS"; 2013)

(Note: This is a review on the CD Release of this album. The LP release is released in different colours and to all what I know in strictly limited numbers, but after I just call the CD my very own: Don't ask me any questions about the LP.)
(Information: This album was released, if my sources aren't the completly wrong ones, by the late end of 2013, but I just got my hands on it recently- and also just recently I got aware of the comeback of this Titans from Arizona some months ago, shame on me...- and so my review here and now is coming anyway, no matter if it is looked at it from today on an older release or not, just that you know that.)
(Running time: Six songs in 19:27 minutes.)
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Okay, damn it, how could this album been so long completly not under but totally off my radar?!? I mean, the first FATSKINS release since oh so many - and by far too many - years, a decade or so since they last played live or so and don't know how long it's been since their so far last release came out... it's been anyhow by far too long. Far, far too long, point and fact. The FATSKINS were very important for me and are definitely and without a doubt one of my favorites ever, and so you maybe have an idea of how curious I was when I finally (!!!) realized that they were truly back and that this album was really out, yes, and I simply needed to get my hands on it by any means. And so some months ago I finally did, and now here's my review on it... even I can't tell ya why it took me again four months to finally write it down... time just runs by too fast... just guessing... Okay, anyhow, back to the topic, "A YOUNG MAN'S GAME" thankfully still (or again) played by the almighty FATSKINS, so here we go: The FATSKINS had always been a very unique and stand-alone band, in case of the delivery as well as  also in case of the quality of their music, one of the greatest American Oi! Heroes and one of the biggest champs of the golden 1990's years (and just btw also if we look at Oi! or Streetpunk in general they were and are one of the greatest and one of my favorites, also if we not just look on Oi! but on music in general, just that this is clear), and here they give us finally six brandnew songs in a running time of pretty exactly 19 minutes and 27 seconds, and ya know what? They still have all what it takes to be a damn FATSKIN, hell yeahr!!! Yes, they fucking sticked true to their approach and style and quality or in short to their "GAME", they still know how to deliver the goods and, even by far more important, they do so, they still deliver the goods. And so we get six more than ''only'' GREAT songs, just amazing stuff, and all clearly dominated by fucking outstanding dry and dirty, heavy yet very melodic and catchy and in fact really singing guitars with a mercyless forward pushing drive, straight shooted, hard hitting, and sharp aimed all the time, from pushing and countless sheer mighty power-up's induced mercy- and regretless forceful, energetic, and dynamic riffs over a great pushing and forward driving natural/organic rhythm work, with a very hymnal or anthemic musical direction, to just larger than life catchy, melodic, totally shining, and like already said truly singing leads the guitar playing takes us on a ride, heavily and just massive marking the songs in every positive way and just being a true trademark and nothing else than totally awesome and self-contained, because they are really done in a through and through stand-alone way. And, by the way, the guitar leads are something that great and that unique that stuff like them wasn't heard since the phenomenal self titled THE PHOENIX CITY MUGGERS (another child of Mike Fatskin himself) longplayer released years ago. The next totally dominant factor in or of the music of the almighty FATSKINS are the totally outstanding and also just nothing else than unique lead vocals that simply are something totally of their very, very own, so that any comparisions just don't work, point and fact. To describe the lead vocals or the style of lead singing of Mike Fatskin is something that's pretty hard for me, maybe due to the fact that English isn't my mother tongue, who knows, maybe, at least I don't know it. But what I can say and what I do know is that it's just phenomenal great stuff, hard and sharp, pissed off and angry, at the same time catchy, melodic, and hymnal, slightly spoken word styled and above all really sung incredible characteristic lead vocals, that's what we got, that's what we still get, and that's just damn fucking great - and even (far) more than this. Maybe a love or hate thing, like some always said and still say, maybe, but maybe also just a thing of how aware you are of a great and very characteristic musical approach and delivery, of how you are aware of quality in music, who knows. Personally I tend more to the second option... Then there are still the pumping powerful bass playing, the great tight and heavy stomping drumming, truckloads full of larger than life sing a longs, and great crew back up chantings, and that all together give "A YOUNG MAN'S GAME" really its more than deserved crown of pure gold, if not even of pure platinum. Also the great grapping songwriting full of great rhythm structures, clever pace compositions, and just smart arrangements should be mentioned, truly (American) Oi! at its damn fucking very, very best, and that this guys know how to play should be clear anyhow anyway. Great diverse lyrics we thankfully get (again) as well, from Way of Life and subcultural topics to outspoken political and critical subjects you will find all what a real Oi! band should be concerned of/with. Remeber that Oi! is having a laugh and having a say, period. The cool and beautiful done "Hipster bashing!" artwork and the great natural, warm, and still heavy production sound then finally make it all to the real deal and the complete package. I think I don't need to say or write anything more, I can not high enough recommend this album to you, a really amazing one and one hell of a comeback. So in case you still don't have it than by any means it's an order to change this, because to get this album is your damn duty if you are anyhow just a slight little bit interested in really great and shining music, point and fact. Welcome back guys, I hope you stay for a (long, long) while, and always keep the faith. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
(10 of 10 points)
(Band site:!/OfficialFatskins?fref=ts)
(PS: If I'm now not going into the totally wrong direction than there's really already a new FATSKINS album titled "JOIN OR DIE" about to be released soon (or maybe it's already released, at least in the States), so keep your eyes open, at least I know that I keep mine this time very wide open. Oi! Oi! Oi!)

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