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MURDERER'S ROW - "LIBERTY DENIED WORKING CLASS CRUCIFIED" (Bar brawling & Street fighting American Oi! Rock & Roll from NYC on "RILEY RECORDS"; CD Release, 2014)

(Release information: Released in the summer of 2014, May or June.)
(Running time information: Ten songs in a running time of 34 minutes and 28 seconds.)
(Label site I:!/riley.recordsllc?fref=ts)
(Label site II:!/pages/Riley-Records/1394581677472383?fref=ts)
Hey folks, finally back in action again. Okay, in the last real proper post a week ago or so I announced that the next days would be pretty silent or that it could be possible that the next days, the days that have now passed us by, would be pretty silent, hm, and like announced so it happened. In the already mentioned post I also told you already the reasons for this, so I won't repeat me here and now. I think that step by step more and more new posts will be finally coming up again, so expect more new stuff to come up online from this sunday or so on. Here in Germany we celebrate this Friday the national celebration day of the "Re-Union of Germany" and so over here the "ordinary guys" like me ;-) don't have to work and we have a free day more so that it will be a long free weekend. My girlfriend and I will grap this chance and will travel over the weekend a little bit, tomorrow we will start our short road trip and will return Sunday, so don't expect any new posts to come up before this Sunday. I will just finish this very one here and now so that you will have a new load to read and experience untill then. So, yes, here we go: This very new one here and now is my review on the new MURDERER'S ROW full length album "LIBERTY DENIED WORKING CLASS CRUCIFIED", released this May or June (for what I know) via "RILEY RECORDS". (Always thought that "SKINFLINT RECORDS" would be the label to put it out, hm, but who am I to know...) This is their newest one, and I really needed to have it. I first listened to them when they released their first class "URBAN SHOCKER" album years ago and with this one as well as with their following "BEER FUELED MAYHEM" grand champ work they totally conquered me, and this in a total dominant way. Then in 2011 I missed out on their "THE BULLY BREED" album... like on so many other (potentially great) albums, too... 2011... what a bullshit farce of a year... Anyhow, the past is the past, point and fact. (And please don't ask me why the hell I still missed out on it so far untill this present day...) So it was clear to me right from the start that I by any means needed to have their newest work, "LIBERTY DENIED WORKING CLASS CRUCIFIED", and so I bought it as soon as the mailorders over here had it in stock. (And this meant that I had to wait over a month for it and the rest of my order after Im ordered it, just by the way.) So, okay, back to the topic, my review on "LIBERTY DENIED WORKING CLASS CRUCIFIED". MURDERER'S ROW from the NYC are back on the map finally again after for all what you could read on the web some troubled years since 2011 laid behind them, and they totally sticked true to their style, this means that you can expect ten songs of hard and heavy rocking and harsh stomping American Oi! with Hardcore fueled lead vocals and huge truck loads full of dirty and noisy, rowdyish and battle-scarred Hard Rock & Roll inspired by great ones like MOTÖRHEAD, ROSE TATTOO, and AC/DC, while on the Oi! side especially roughnecked and gladiatorial Brickwall Oi! (maybe think about STORMWATCH, as an example) and also New Jersey/"HEADACHE RECORDS" styled Oi!/Streetpunk (remember THE WRETCHED ONES or THE BARONS) strongly comes into play. This puts them in a league (especially of the highest ranked/classed quality, but also of the style, even you should keep in mind that MURDERE'S ROW play a very stand-alone music'n'style of their own like also all the mentioned bands, too) with acts like THE CORPS, THE BROADSIDERS, THE BRIDGEBURNERS, R*U*S*T, and THUG, just as examples, so if you are into this kind of music then you definitely will love MURDERER'S ROW, definitely. While they sticked true to and with their style they definitely even improved the quality of their music in every way, they enriched it and worked a lot of new variations and great surprises into it. The vocals are by far more varying, the songwriting is definitely advanced, the technical skills above any doubts, and also the lyrics are more varying and also really advanced with far more (also definitely serious) topics covered by them in and with their lyrics. The biggest trademark of the music of MURDERER'S ROW is without a doubt the bonecracking stomping and dustdry rocking almighty guitar work full of great riffs, strong leads and really forceful solos and also a brilliant grooving and rocking rhythm work that is heavily marked by the guitars and that offers like the whole songwriting one hell of great and strong, fresh, new, and exiting surprises (like for example the strongly by 1980's Hard Rock & Heavy Metal influenced totally outstanding "OUR STRUGGLE" or the great "CHISWICK"/(early) SKREWDRIVER inspired "WHITE COLLAR CRIME", check them out, just as two examples, to understand what I mean/say with this words). Then the great still or also still today heavily by Hardcore influenced lead vocals, backed up by beefy gang shouts, that also proove and show a great advanced development and that also show these days a melodic and catchy, anthemic side that fits perfect to the strong powerful Hard Rock or Rock & Roll marks in the music of MURDERER'S ROW. All is then backed up by a massive rhythm section assault battery consisting out of harsh buzzing bass playing and stomping'n'rolling face smashing precise and tight drumming. All is wrapped into really diverse and totally conquering songwriting, done by skilled musicians, and really great and pretty diverse lyrics just add up to the high, higher, and highest quality of "LIBERTY DENIED WORKING CLASS CRUCIFIED", and so does the earthy and warm, heavy and crispy totally bombing production sound that finally makes this all to the real deal and to just pure platinum and the complete package. As far as I really loved and still love their earlier releases I really have to say that the announcement of the(ir) label "RILEY RECORDS", that this very one here is "their best material to date" is definitely and totally true through and through, this is a total masterpiece, that also comes in a shining gold artwork, and one of the best albums of/for this year and every Oi!, Punkrock, Streetpunk, Streetrock, and Hard Rock/Rock & Roll maniac really needs to have this masterpiece of an almighty album that is definitely a soon-to-be-a-classic album. I love this album and I can only highly recommend this heavily and strongly to you. A masterpiece!!! "LIBERTY DENIED WORKING CLASS CRUCIFIED": One of the best albums of 2014 as well as definitely in and also for years, period. And MURDERER'S ROW: One of the best bands outta there today, definitely. Go out and get it, and if you still don't have it do it as soon as possible, period. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! // Andy
(Rating: 10 of 10 points)

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