Sonntag, 14. März 2010

7" Vinyl Single on "Headache Records"

THE WRETCHED ONES - "RUT / LADY BOSS" ("Headache Records"; 7"):
Yeahr, that's a nice piece of Streetrock & Roll music from the godfathers of dirty, noisy and hard hitting, fast forward driving New Jersey Streetrock, THE WRETCHED ONES. On this little black vinyl 7" we do get the two terrific hymns "Rut" and "Lady Boss". Okay, both tracks are also on the latest full length record of THE WRETCHED ONES, but that doesn't really matter at this point of play, because this is truly through and through a sweet little collectors gem. Classical black vinyl 7" with a big middle hole, so that you need to have an 45 adapter to play it on your phonograph. Then we do get a very cool black / white artwork, one to each single track, and yes, especially the cover to the "Lady Boss" side rules okay, and damn, I should have become a Porn Actor instead of a Teacher, haha. Then both songs come in a very good production sound, very dirty and very pithy, and then there's also a little sheet of a cardboard with some bandpictures and the very fine and cool lyrics on it. What shall I say more, you need to have this great piece of music on a little, yet large vinyl format, so fuckin' get it!!! And, by the way, this is fucking goddamn Streetrock at it's very, very best!!! First class timeless Street Music, full of sharp and fast and dirty guitar playing, gaudy and gnarled bass lines, massive and stunning and burly drumming, rough and beefy vocals, and all damn raw and loud and sharp and hard hitting. Truly their own creation of musick, and they are keeping on perfecting it. I don't know anything about any kind of limitations to this Single, but, okay, let me put it this way: It should be wise to get it as soon as possible. You need a final upshot? Okay, here we go: Just a great piece of music!!! And, like I said: Get it!!! (10 of 10 points)

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