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Booze, Sex & Breakin' Necks!!! Victory through Tradition - The BROADSIDERS from Dallas / Texas / U.S.A.

Here you get the interview with the great THE BROADSIDERS!!! A fantastic and very unique and stand - alone American Oi! from the city of Dallas in Texas. It was the first interview that I've chosen to try to do, and damn, it worked pretty, pretty well. Austin send the answers very quick to me, and it all went very well without any kind of complications. And what shall I say, I'm fuckin' proud to present you this also very, very fine interview with this just brilliant and outshining band. They were and still are one of my three absolut favorite bands, yes, and so I'm very happy and proud that I can give it and present it to you for your enjoyment, and do yourself a huge, huge favor and check this band out. Great band, gerat music, great lyrics!!! And also a very big THANX to Austin for doing this interview!!! And yeahr, I truly think that it's a very good and interesting interview, of course!!! Ah, and if it all work out like it should we should be able to see THE BROADSIDERS live on stage here in germoney this summer. I hope it will work!!! So, but now enough introduction words, so here comes the interview!!!

THE BROADSIDERS - American Oi! Rock & Roll from Dallas, Texas / U.S.A.

(01.) Hey guys, first of all a big THANX for doing the interview!!! Everything alright in the THE BROADSIDERS camp these days?!? Please introduce yourself to the readers, who you are, what are you doing (in and apart the band), hobbys, etc., some really 'classified stuff' about you;-).

I (Austin) sing and play rhythm and catch all the bullshit, Dan plays the git-fiddle, Jonathan plays Tony Danza (you know, The Boss) and sometimes bass, and Caleb plays drums. Hobbies: Dan saves lives, Jonathan collects and works on scooters, Caleb has a food fetish, and I devote my free time to the band so I don't do anything else, hahahaha.

(02.) First of all, tell the readers and me please your bandhistory to this day. I know, it's the total standard question to kick off an interview, but as you are still a young band that comes not 'from the german neighborhood around' I think, that it is still interesting to the readers and me. Also because there had been some changes in the bandcast, so it would be great if you could also refer to this changes.

We started a few years ago with a guy named Compton (singing on the first album), along with a different bass player (Snappy). They left. I won't go into why, although Snappy spontaneously combusted. Then a good friend of ours Jordan learned how to play bass and filled in for Snappy. He got knocked on the head a little to hard one day and got married. Jonathan took over a little over a year ago and has actually survived.

(03.) These days your new record "AGAINST THE WORLD" came out. It's a very fine piece of great American Oi! music. I think I can spare me the question if you are satisfied with it, or?!? My honest congratulations!!!

Well, we were worried that the transition to a new singer would throw people off and they may not like it, so I'm glad to see that atleast you do, hahahaha.

(04.) Before I show an more precise interest in this masterpiece, let us go for a moments back in your history. Your first release I know of was the admirable "TAKE BACK THE STREETS" record. Had there been any earlier release, and if so, will this material maybe see the light of the day sometime?!?

Nope, that's the first one. And we won't release anything that we are not absolutely proud of. That's why the CD'S only have seven songs (that and the fact tht we pay for everything, so we can't afford any more, hahahahaha). We have a live CD that we are mixing down now, but that won't be out for a while. We also have a split coming out with AIRES & GRACES on "Longshot". The only thing that was never released was so embarassing that we had to burn down the studio just to make sure it never saw daylight. It gives me chills just thinking about it.
We have plenty of songs that have never been recorded though. Songs about soccer mostly. There's even one with just an acoustic guitar, hahaha, but you'll never hear that one. There are plenty of covers that have never been recorded, too: "Kickstart My Heart", anything by SLADE, some other stuff I don't care to remember. All butchered terrible.

(05.) Your "TAKE BACK THE STREETS" record was originally an D.I.Y. release done by your own hands - like your new "AGAINST THE WORLD" record too, or am I wrong?!?- and it was released later through the german label "Dim Records" and- I think so- solely on LP, right?!? How came the contact to "Dim Records" about and who took over the distribution in the U.S.A., or did "Dim Records" the whole job?!? If so, what the hell is going on with all the U.S. Oi! / Streetpunk labels like- only for example- "G.M.M. Records", "Taang!" or "T.K.O.", are they all deaf these days?!? Will there be an LP version of your "AGAINSTH THE WORLD" record, too, maybe again on "Dim Records"?!?

Yep, both albums wee paid for and distributed by us. "Dim" liked the songs off of "TAKE BACK THE STREETS" and purchased copies of the CD to carry in their mailorder. "Dim" asked us if we were interested in releasing it on vinyl which we were. So, "Dim" released it as a 12" and has distributed it to various distros in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and the Czech Republic, along with selling it in their own mailorder shop online. They are also selling it through here in the U.S. They did a good job on the LP, so hopefully it is still selling well. As for distribution of the "TAKE BACK THE STREETS" CD we handled that in the U.S. and worked with several Skinhead mailorders in Mexiko and Europe.
I don't know what is going on with U.S. labels, they could be broke, or they could just not like our music. The economy over here is terrible right now, the worst recession since the 80's (and may grow to be the worst recession since World War II), so that could have a lot to do with it.
Doing our own releases, we get less distribution and pay more out of pocket, but we also get the control of our own stuff, so it has its benefits. Don't get me wrong, we'd love to and would be willing to work with a label, but it's just the way it has worked out so far and I'm trying to be optimistic, hahahaha.

(06.) Your both records are true analog recordings and are done in the "Manor Studios" with the same producer duo, and the production sound of both records is just pure gold!!! Very good work!!! I think so warm and old school recording sound is important to you, right?!? (What is a good thing!!!) Can you tell us something about the studio, where is it based, who are the guys running it (maybe even friends of you...) and do you know of any more recommendable bands that have recorded or are recording there?!?

Thanks, we pay out the ass to get that analog sound! He still gives us a break on the price because he knows we are broke, but when we first heard his recordings, we were sold. I love that warm analog sound. It's an amazing thing to hear the rell-to-reel rev up and hear your music on fat tape as it should be heard. I wish we didn't have to put it on CD, hahahahaha. They are based in a little town called Fate about an hour east of Dallas. A guy named Stephen King runs the studio. Not that Stephen King that writes books about lamps attacking people. He's an old Englishman. An Arsenal fan, but we forgave him for that. (Hahahahaha, just kidding Arsenal fans!!!) He does mostly Gosel and Country music, hahahaha, so imagine that awkward situation when we first met him: Four Skinheads walking in to a traditional analog studio run by an English guy who hasn't seen a Skinhead since the 70's and records religious music out in the middle of nowhere. He loves our music though so it worked out.

(07.) One last question to your "TAKE BACK THE STREETS" record, to the two tracks "Mid City Martyrs" and "Downtown", my two absolut favorites!!! I think the "Mid City Martyrs" are your crew, right?!? Maybe oneor two words to them, and what the hell is that 'Mid City'?!? To "Downtown": How is the Skinhead / Oi! scene in Dallas, Texas these days, the lyrics draw a maybe not-so-good-at-all picture, or did I get an (totally) wrong impression from it?!?

Those are probably my favorites, too. "Mid City Martyrs" is not a crew, it's just a description of what it's like being stuck between two worlds and no one gives a fuck about you. The actual city parts comes from the area in between Dallas and Fort Worth (cheapest place to live). "Downtown" is not jut a nostalgic song, it's more of a 'What-the-hell-just-happened' kind of thing. One day we looked around and saw that the city had run us out of everywhere, the Punks and Skinheads stopped giving a damn, and we were stuck with guitars in hand outside of a shut down bar. You could literally see a tumbleweed rolling down Commerce Street (where we used to play shows). Keep in mind this is an a city where even on a weekday night they would have to shut down the streets to try to quell the chaos.

(08.) Now to the "AGAINST THE WORLD" masterpiece: Like I already said, it's just an honestly great piece of music, maybe the new breed of American Oi! at it's best. What I liked at you right from the beginning was your stand-alone style, you perfectly integrated influences from Southern Rock, good old Rock & Roll and some Country elements, all combinated with an honest and true Skinhead attitude and Working Class background. And all this has grown on and has become even stronger. Especially the mentioned influences from Southern Rock to Rock & Roll and Country. Was this a planned development, or was this something like an organic evolution or natural expansion to your music, maybe due to your musical affectations?!?

We are going to use your description of our albums on our website, hahahaha. I couldn't have said it better by myself. We listen to a lot of Southern Rock and Country. HANK, MERLE, MOLLY HATCHET, etc. Especially Dan, he is a catalog of music trivia, he listens to a lot of stuff and knows how to play every damn song. So yeah, I guess it just naturally injected itself into our music. You can't escape it being from the South, especially in such a muisc oriented state such as Texas.

(09.) One of my personal favorites is the great "Big Boy" song. A big fuck off to all this fake ass scum using Skinhead just as an trend for some weeks or as a cheap excuse for their failures. Did I understood it right?!? Is this just a big fuck off to the majority of this scum, or is it a big fuck off to a specific person that you know?!? Here we have in this days a lot of guys like this, being a big hard and so strong as possible tattooed Skinhead fo maybe some months or so, and then jumping the next around the border coming trend. (Here in Germany it is definitely this whole Psychobilly and 'I-want-to-be-like-Elvis!' crap.) It makes me sick!!!

Yeah, you hit the nail on the head. Not anyone specific. Just those tough guys who come and go, and think that being a Skinhead or Rockabilly or whatever gives them power over everyone else. They've got someting to prove, they're compensating for a shortcoming and try to bully people. But there's always someone outthere that is bigger and meaner.

(10.) Some words to your "Victory (F.C. Dallas)" song, your hometown soccer club!!! How is the situation for soccer and soccer fans in th U.S.A.?!? I think the U.S. american Soccer is getting stronger and stronger, your national soccer team even defeated the reigning european soccer champion Italy at the Confederations Cup in South Africa, and also a victory over Brazil was possible. The MLS is also getting better known in Germany and Europe, okay, primarily the L.A. Galaxy, because of David Beckham (no need to say somthing about him... once a great soccer player, now nothing more than a cheap joke and a wanna-be-popstar with an ugly b***h as wife... okay, something said to him, hahaha) and Landon Donovan. So how is the situation for soccer in the U.S.A. and does the F.C. Dallas is playing a good role in the MLS?!? What do you think of the L.A. Galaxy, something to say about them (I've heard, that they are not the best team in the MLS...). And can you tell us something about the F.C. DALLAS SUPPORTERS CREW?!? Oh, is there Hooliganism existing in the MLS?!?

Definitely!!! U.S. soccer is exploding. The talent pool here has been growing since Pele played in New York (not MLS, but it was the precursor to that). So now all of the youth that fell in love with soccer but never took it to the professional level trained the next generation, and now we have a growing industry. Youth soccer here has been big, and that's where the talent is nurtured. Now they are starting to see careers in soccer, and train harder and longr, well past the age of 18 where U.S. soccer normally stops. I played since I was 4, but I never saw a career playing so I stopped when I was 17. I wish I wouldn't have done that, hahahahahaha. I've been thinking about training hard for the next two years and trying out for F.C. Dallas. But I have a terrible temper when I play, so they would eject me from a match pretty quickly. Instead of rolling on the ground injured, I would retaliate, and at the pro level, you just can't do that.
L.A. Galaxy is one of the worst MLS teams. They ust get a lot of publicity because of Beckham and Donovan. I hate them both, although like you said Beckham used to be respectable. I don't blame the Riot Squad for jumping the barricade to confront him. F.C. Dallas is not doing well this year, so let's not talk about that, hahahahaha!!! We have some of the best talents in the MLS, but we either trade them all away, or never get them all to play as a tam. Although last night we wipped Kansas City's ass 6 : 0. The supporters crews here re not like they are in Europe. Not yet at least. They are all very middle class and passive. They have no passion, but they are very hesitant towards any confronatation. You can probably blam it on the guns. Everyone has one, so it's pretty serious when you fuck with someone. You better mean it.
There's no Hooliganism like you guys experience, but we have gotten into plenty of shit ourselves, although I shouldn't say much more so that I don't incriminate anyone. The MLS is not expecting the violent side of soccer since they are wanting American Football type of fans, you know, face-painted fat guys yelling two word chants at the field. So I think the violent side may blindside them pretty soon. You saw that with West Ham fans and Columbus Crew fans. You could see that at an F.C. Dallas and Houston Dynamo match every time (it's the biggest rivalry in the MLS). Their crew is enormous down there so we are always outnumbered, hahaha. But the Skinheads in Houston and in Dallas do not fuck with each other, regardless of the outcome of the game. Our two cities hate each other, especially the soccer fans, but we would have no scene in Texas if we can't protect each other. I don't think I would call any of what is going on right now in the MLS Hooliganism, but I am willing to bet that it surfaces when the league gets bigger. You can already feel the tension in the air at a match. Too much shit talking not to take offense to it, you know what I mean? So shit just goes downhill quickly. They made a mistake putting the visiting supporters group next to our section.

(11.) Are you also interested in soccer outside the U.S.A., maybe especially in soccer in Europe and Germany?!? What are your favorite clubs, if you have some?!? And do you know the great HSV from the beautiful city of Hamburg in good old Germany?!? (It's 'my' team, 'my' club, so don't saysomething wrong, and if you don't know something about the mighty HSV, then get informed, hahahahaha;-)!!!!)

I strictly only pay attention to U.S. soccer, although I realize that European soccer is phenomenal. The other guys like some EPL teams, but we won't get into it, hahahaha. Too much rivalry. Did HSV finished 5th last season?!? (Right!!! Hoopefully this season will be even better!!!)

(12.) Now, before we are coming slowly to the end of this interview, let us for some moments get back to music: What do you guys listen to at home, and what were your influences back in the days when you started playing music and today?!? Some good band or record informations?!?

Back in the day, mine was AC/DC and TEMPLARS. Now I have been listening to the VEROS and the CLICHÈS a lot. PERKELE, AIRES & GRACES. I know Jonathan is obsessed with SLADE. I think that's the only band he listens to, hahahaha. Dan I'm sure is listening to some of the wall Metal right now. Caleb, probably some Underground Reggae or SKA that I've never heard of.

(13.) What do you think of the current American Oi! scene?!? A lot of really strong and good new bands and some good labels, all of them carrying on the great American Oi! tradition. What are your favorite bands (old and especially new) when it comes to American Oi! and what bands do you think are a must-know?!?

Like I said, AIRES & GRACES is probably my favorite new band in the American scene. They are just bringing something so simple and pure into it. BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS, LOST CITY SOULS, RAT CITY RIOT, SOUTHPAW MANNERS, NUTS & BOLTS, THE BRIDGEBURNERS, WORLD POLICE, ALTERNATE ACTION (Canadian, but close enough). Shit there's a lot. That's off the top of my head. A special shoutout to the greatest American band/bands: DOG COMPANY, STAGGERS, RIOT SQUAD. Always my favorite, and I hope Joe keeps carrying on forever, hahahahahaha. "Longshot", "Street Anthem","Oi! The Boat" are all good labels.

(14.) Do you know Oi! / Streetpunk bands from Europe and Germany, and what bands would you call your favorites?!?


(15.) Coming to a close, the final question: Can you tell us something about the living / life in Texas, U.S.A. in general (work, jobs, politics, social environment, etc.)?!? I think this is a really interesting point- at least to me, so it would be great, if you could give the readers and me some informations about it.

Texas is an interesting place. The weather changes evry five minutes. There's plenty of work in the Dallas area, especially in construction. We haven't been hit too hard by the recession, so people from all over the country move here for work, so we are not so isolated culturally as other states. Oddly enough. near where I live, there is a huge Vietnamese population because of that. No matter where you go in Texas, you know it is Texas. The minute you step over that state line, it's an odd chilly feeling that comes over you. You just want to get back as soon as possible. Plus Texans wear their statehood on their sleeve (or in our case in tattoos), and other states don't like that, they think it's cocky. But I think they are just jealous that their state doesn't look cool enough to put on a belt buckle, hahahahaha.

(16.)So, that's all from me guys!!! Once again, a big and honest THANX for doing this interview, and the last words remain to you!!! Keep the faith!!! Stay rude, stay rebel!!! Cheers & Oi! - The bets Greetings from Germany, Andy!!!

Man we need to go to Germany!!!

Yeahr, that's all, I hope you enjoyed the interview, and make sure that you will support this damn good band!!! Buy their records!!! Oi!

The reviews to the records (the "AGAINST THE WORLD" CD and the split 7" with AIRES & GRACES) will follow soon in the next days.

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