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Metal / Metalcore Bash in Goslar Rock City, Saturday the 13th of March 2010

13th of March 2010 - Goslar was calling!!!

It all took place in the Youthcentre B6 in Goslar Rock City, hosted by the guys of the G.M.S. society.
Starting point was eight p.m., fee was 8,00 Euro.
It was not planned to go to the concert, of course I was pretty much excited and curious because of the possible chance of seeing MEINE STUNDE NULL so soon again after they turned out to be a damn good band last saturday at the "KuMo NIGHT" in the city of Wernigerode, but I wasn't sure at all if I should and / or would go to this concert. After spending a beautiful day and evening in the city of Hildeheim with some swimming and a lot of relaxing (sauna rules totally okay!!!) and joy with a perfect female gem I went later that evening spontaneously to the concert to see some bands, hear some music, and meet some friends of mine. So I pushed some musical alarm in the stereo of my car to get in the right mood, and on my way I was.
Arrived at the Youthcentre in Goslar City, said well behaved "Hello!" to a lot of folks- some of them I haven't seen for some months or so-, and greeted the G.M.S. society guys, uhm, and what shall I say, MEINE STUNDE NULL had already finished their set. Okay, a little bit pity, but okay, what shall I say, the priorities were set in a total different way that day. So I decided to do some smalltalk (maybe the standard went suddenly that deep that even cheaptalk would not be a befittingly description of the conversations, haha), get a nice tasting alcohol free wheat beer to drink (of course alcohol free, man, I was driving that night), become a foto model for the regional "Trend!" magazine (yeahr, that's not a problem thing at all for a king like me, haha), became greeted by some of my pupils, and finally met the rest of the crew, yeahr, and the mates of 'Peino', 'Tobilicious' and 'Zottel' were already alcohol fueled and fired up to make it a nice round gig evening. Perfect circumstances, haha!!!
Soon the next- and for us the first- band of the evening was ready to tear down the stage. LORAINE from the city of Seesen loaded, locked and fired their guns, and so they started their set. I've seen them last year in Seesen... and my expectations had been that deep-down-low because of this gig, so I just thought: "Hopefully they will not play that long at all." But damn, did they have become good!!! Bonecrushing Death Metal, very powerful and well-versed, with a lot of fine Mosh parts, some Breakdown parts, and full of harshness, yet also fantastic melodies and a lot of just great refrains to sing a long to. They got some good reactions from the crowd... but it's Goslar and a lot of the Metal guys here... okay, they are just bloody boring, to say it this way, especially as long as they are not totally fueled up with alcohol. I enjoyed the LORAINE gig very much and moved more towards the stage, and if there hadn't been my pupils banging their heads I would have started some violent dancing... but you know, I just couldn't mosh them away, haha. Great gig of LORAINE, very good band. They have also a new (or first?) record out on the market, as well as some shirts (but okay, the usual Metal shirt motif crap), and if you like some harsh, yet meldoic Death Metal between some good old school and some fine new school stuff, then you should really give this guys a try. Nice shot!!!
After LORAINE 'Zottel' and I decided to go to my car and listen to some fine Hooligan / Soccer Thug Rock & Roll music and speaked about some more or less serious topics... and laughed about a lot of dull trash. Moved back, embraced and greeted a former girlfirend of mine, and then moved back to the stage, because it was time for FOREVER IT SHALL BE. First of all, the band was for the Metal crowd here in Goslar much too much modern... and I think too good and too extreme!!! Brilliant band!!! They unleashed a merciless inferno of modern Death Core, somewhere between ALL SHALL PERISH and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, but also already very stand-alone. At the beginning I had to become familiar to their fast, hard, extreme and goddamn technical style of music, they had tons of breaks and riffs settled together in their songs that it was just amazing, and it all worked out because of some fantastic songwriting. Not just first class musicians, but also first class songwriters. Just great!!! The singer also put on a very good show, as well as the whole performance of this band was just and simply great!!! It was a little bit empty infront of the stage, but okay, like I said, the band simply overcharged the usual Metal guy from Goslar, hm, but, if you ask me, that's totally perfect and speaks a lot for the quality of this band. I was blown away from that musical inferno that nearly pulverized the Youthcentre. Like I said: Great!!! They also have a new record put out, and you should really check these guys out. Just great!!!
After FOREVER IT SHALL BE 'Zottel', 'Peino' and myself went back to my car, talking some funny trash, drinking some stuff, and listened to some good old Redneck Country & Roll stuff (REBEL SON rules okay!!!), and watched 'Zottel' spreading the word by bonding "Eintracht Braunschweig" propaganda. Moved back to the concert room, heard 'Tobilicius' talking something about onanism (damn, "where the hell am I here, and how did I ended here?" I was asking myself, haha), and saw the headliner GORILLA MONSOON. But damn, was this some boring and dul crap!!! First I thought to myself: "Is this some bullshit!!!" Then I was suddenly getting tired, and then I was becoming angry and pissed off by this crap and this totally stub band, and as the "ultra cool" singer (what a wacko!!!) began to propagate smoking weed I really started to feel the need to knock this "jumping jacks" down the stage and put them in the ground. (And that wouldn't have been a problem, I can tell you!!!) And, oh yes, the music really sucked, goddamn dull and boring, somewhere between (boring and bad) DOWN and some Stoner Rock garbage, songs that just refused to end, stupid lyrics, blunt vocals, and everything just sounded the same and total equal, I guess this guys never heared of interesting songwriting or so. Bah, and then they also played that fuckin' long!!! I was getting pissed off and angry more and more!!! Ah, but the Goslar Metal crowd was giving their best in shaking their heads... and I always had known that this just couldn't be healthy at all, haha. During that gig I decided to compensate my frustrated irksomeness with a little shopping walk and I took the new demo CD of MEINE STUNDE NULL with me (great CD)!!!. Puh, somehow this GORILLA MONSOON crap finally came to it's end, and I was never before that happy to see and hear Mister Giese abandon a concert, haha.
After that I collected the crew and we all went to Goslar City to go to some bars, and it was funny as usual, haha, but that's another story, haha!!!

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