Dienstag, 9. März 2010

Punkrock between 1977, Glam, and Chuck's!!!

THE BOMBSHELLS - "AUDIO WASTELAND" ("No Front Teeth Records"; CD):
I've never heard anything of this band before, but for what I know (from buying it) is that this record here should be the second (and still actual) release coming from this guys. Okay, it's a little bit older already (a little bit, hm, okay, depends on what you may call a "little bit older"...), ah, but what should I say, it's not that important at all right now at this point. So, after this introduction, what do we get here? Some nice Punkrock, that's it, what this guys from Los Angeles are bringing us to hear. Do you like RANCID?!? Well, that's vey fine!!! Do you also like the U.S. BOMBS?!? Even better!!! And do you also have no aversion about good old 1977 Punkrock?!? Well, sounds perfect!!! Then you should take a listen to this THE BOMBSHELLS here. It's nice done, but I've been missing something special or what ever to it. But okay, at the end of the day you get some good and solid Punkrock that at the strongest moments will make you go nuts in your little Chuck's. It all comes in a good looking artwork (but without any lyrics... but the lyrics seem to be nothing bad at all, even also nothing too special, but okay...), and the dingy sound endues the songs very good. Nice one!!! (7 of 10 points)

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