Montag, 22. März 2010

Young dutch Oi! band on "Rebellion Records"

THE BRUISEHEADS - "WASTING AWAY" ("Rebellion Records"; CD):
Here we have a young new Oi! band from the netherlands, released on Wouters / RAZORBLADE's own record label "Rebellion Records". THE BRUISEHEADS come from the city of Tilburg. They are playing pretty much the traditional and classical way of Oi! Oi! music, all very british and with a strong 1980's spirit in it. If you like acts like CONDEMNED 84 and THE 4 SKINS you won't do anything wrong with buying this record and supporting this young band. Some hard hitting guitar work, gruff and pissed off vocals, rumbling drums, and grisly bass playing, all done in a very militant and very rigid way. The lyrics are also that way, and they deal with issues like the Skinhead Way of Life, friendship, broken trust, scene stuff, streetfights and gangfighting, blended with some little "A Clockwork Orange" notes to it. Nothing new, but pretty okay. It's all done in a good way, they know how to play and how to write songs, and if they keep on working focussed on a more individual identity they could become more than just an pretty good old school brickwall Oi! band, a nice debut they settled together here that can be something like a solid basement if they keep up working and playing. If you like some good old british brickwall Oi!, then give this young band a try (instead of just listening again and again to some old fat guys from Britain who are just trying to recatch their fame of yesterday, but embarassing themselves and their classical works more and more, again and again). The production sound is pretty ood, and the old school artwork looks pretty nice and reminds me a lot of the old "Rock-O-Rama" record releases, it's comparable to the latest RAZORBLADE release. Solid and good done work!!! (7 of 10 points)

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