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Here's what you've been looking for - THE BROADSIDERS reviews - American Oi! from Texas

Yeahr, here it is, the current CD of the great and sympathic THE BROADSIDERS from Dallas, Texas / U.S.A., the record that finally caused the interview you can read a little bit below on this blog. And what shall I say, I mean, if you read the interview you should get a good impression of how much I like this band!!! So, okay, now to this record. The line-up has changed a little bit since the last record "TAKE BACK THE STREETS". And yes, also this record was a fucking great piece of music, but "AGAINST THE WORLD" truly is completly over the top!!! They play a very outstanding and stand-alone style of music, mixing hard and dirty, very, very well-versed American Oi!, dustdry and without any kind of clichè crap. Really outstanding is the great guitar work!!! No matter if you take the very tight and beautiful interesting, very well-versed rhythm guitar work, or the breath-taking guitar leads and the very passionated guitar solo work, it's a fuckin' brilliant thing that the guitar playing is marking the music of THE BROADSIDERS very strong, and that for some damn good reasons!!! Then there are Austins fuckin' strong and rough vocals, and damn, they fit the dirty and 100% authentic music perfectly!!! Great!!! All backed up by the strong and variable and versed rhythmsection, so that you won't find any blank space in the songs. That's how it's meant to be!!! They are mixing their dirty and hard Oi! the american way with a huge impact of Southern Rock (more MOLLY HATCHET than LYNYRD SKYNYRD... you know the "BEATIN' THE ODDS" LP of MOLLY HATCHET? Then you should know what I mean!), some good old classic Rock & Roll music inspirations, and also a big Country impact on top of it, they have nearly perfected it. And what shall I say, it's not only a very stand-alone unique style, but also all done in a fuckin' brilliant way and of huge, huge quality!!! Like I said: Great!!! Then we do also get a simple pure beauty of production sound, done the analog way, vey real and earthed, and also a very nice artwork and very, very good 100% real life lyrics, dealing with a lot of different interesting topics and also 100% free of any clichè garbage crap. Just pure and solid gold... fuck gold, but platinum!!! Ah, and they deliver us also a very strong cover of "Harder They Come" of JIMMY CLIFF in their own way of music. What shall I say more, just get it!!! One of the very best bands I've heard in recent years!!! Support them!!! Get it!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)

THE BROADSIDERS / AIRES & GRACES - "SPLIT" ("Longshot Music" / "Contra Records"; 7"):
Yeahr, and here it is, the split 7" of THE BROADSIDERS with the young (?) American Oi! band AIRES & GRACES, that's also mentioned in the interview with THE BROADSIDERS below this review. On Side A we do get two new tracks of THE BROADSIDERS to hear, the one is named "Don't You Know Who We Are?" (very strong lyrics against defamation and backstabbing, if I got it right) and "Underground Treason" (a rebellious song about and also against the downfall of the scene down in Dallas, once again: If I understood it correct). Both songs are fuckin' great supplies of truly stunning, hard hitting Bootboy music that you should not miss. Strong music between 100% real American Oi! music, and some strong shots of Southern Rock, Rock & Roll and Country music (listen to the guitar leads), dominated by the rough and full vocals and the diverse and versed guitar work, backed up by the beefy rhythmsection and some cool crew shouts to back up the vocals. Once again: They done it, they hit the nail perfectly on the head, 100% pure gold, get it!!! They get again 10 out of 10 points, there's no other action thinkable at this point!!! Then on Side B we get two songs of AIRES & GRACES to hear. I heard a lot of very positive things about this band, and so I was very excited what they would deliver us here. And what shall I say, they are playing a very, dirty, down to earth, punky and raw, yet melodic American Oi!, very much reduced to the necessaries: Dirty and good paced guitar work, very nice flippant and cheeky vocals, a stinted and fast bass playing, and rumbling drums. Nice shot, but somehow the songs are coming too fast to their ending, I've been missing a little bit more to it, even I can't say it more precise at this point. But it's still a through and through good thing to listen to the band, and I'm looking forward to hear more of this band. Ah, we get one own song, "Damage Done" (very good lyrics, with a strong critical of society standpoint, at least if I'm interpreting it correct) and also a cover song of the DEAD BOYS called "Sonic Reducer" (cool stuff, truly). Nice shot guys!!! They get 8 out of 10 points!!! Then we do also get a very nice artwork, good lyrics (like I said), and also both bands deliver us our songs in a very good production sound quality (and yes, once again THE BROADSIDERS went to record in the "Manor Analogue Studios", good thing!!!), so that there's no need to say more at this point, but just: Get it!!! Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)

(Uh, it seems like AIRES & GRACES are now already a defunct band, they seem now to carry the name of THE NEW TRADITIONALS and play some very different stuff and are just talking about AIRES & GRACES in the way of some back catalog stuff. It's a pity, but maybe AIRES & GRACES are also still existing, would be great!!!)

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  1. The singer Matt from Aires and Graces is now in a band called Noi!se.