Dienstag, 9. März 2010

Goslar Rock City All Star Group

BLACKLIST LTD. - "B" ("D.I.Y."; CD):
Yeahr, here we do have the newest record of this fine band hailing out of Goslar. It's already the third record of these guys!!! They are melting elements of Metalcore (for example like KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, STILL REMAINS, AT WITS END and CALIBAN) with Modern Metal and New Rock parts to a very melodic, yet forceful and heavy bastard of very fine up to date but yet not trendy or 'faggy' Hard'n'Heavy Musick, spiced with some (very) few cool Emo Core moments, and some traditional appearing Metal Parts. They are delivering their music by the bias of a very strong, emotional, and multi-layerd songwriting and on a very high level of musical skills. No matter if you take the well-versed rhythmsection, the damn high amicability of the guitar players, or the ravishingly miscellaneous and outstanding vocals, everywhere you will find just pure and solid gold. That's the way this music was meant to be played and how it should be solitary played. Great!!! On top we do get a bunch of (mostly very) emotional lyrics (which should be printed again the next time...), a gross sound, and a truly very nice digi artwork, all done in the absolute D.I.Y. way, and it's a 'real' CD, no (!) CD-R. I'm really asking myself, why this band is still without a label deal, and why they are still playing no good tours / concerts with some bigger (but not implicity better) bands. Get it!!! Very well done guys!!! (7,5 of 10 points)

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