Dienstag, 23. März 2010

Boobs!!! Boots!!! Booze!!! 'MD Punx' - Zine No. # 03

"MAGDEBURG PUNX" Oi! / Punk Fanzine Issue No. # 03
(Fee = ca. 2,00 Euro)
Yeahr, here it is, the current issue of Jan's sympathic and high quality print fanzine from the german city of Magdeburg, it's dealing with the whole Oi! Punk thing, so for some good and especially logical reasons it carries the name of "MAGDEBURG PUNX". So, enough words said to the introduction, now let's start with the review of this issue: Jan starts with some good words to the introduction of respectively in or to this issue, and he's also telling us the reasons why the CD Sampler (announced in issue no. # 02) did not come to happen, but about this kid stuff (so typical for the german scene) he's giving us some more informations on some pages behind. Then we get interviews with BLUTIGER OSTEN (german Punk, and a damn good and interesting interview, if you ask me; you can translate the bandname with BLOODY EAST or GORY EAST), with the Finnish Oi! band THE HOIST (good band, very nice intrview, definitely), with the now long defunct german Punkrock band CIRCUS OF HATE (very interesting stuff that these band has to tell, a very-nice-to-read-thing, good job), with Mark from "Bandworm Records" and the once active and now for a long, long time defunct "Pride" print fanzine (nice stuff, but I would have wished, that we would get some more deeper going informations), and with the german crap band HEIMATFRONT (stupid jackasses, this whole patriotic stuff sems to become more and more nothing but a cheap cloak to hide all these nationalistic and xenophobic ideology crap behind it... don't really know why the hell you have to interview acts such like that...). To the interviews we get a story to the reunion (or however you like to call it...) of the PROLLIGANS, some band introductions of SMART ATTITUDE (Skinhead Rock) and VERGOIDUNG (Oi! - Punk stuff or something like that), then we do get a Tattoo Special (an interview with Pudolf of the PROLLIGANS about his tattoos) and the third part of the historical Magdeburg city and region special (very good stuff!!!). Then we do get a big bunch of gig reports, and very well and funded done reviews of fanzines and records (excellent job!!!). Beside all this content we do get also some stuff more, and you should really get this issue, because it's nothing less than a Must-Read!!! It all comes in a good black / white (partial cut and paste) lay out, that looks fuckin' good, all is written in very good tonguing and all in german language, and comes with nice grey contrasts and good photo quality, ah, and also a very nice cover artwork, haha;-). Nothing left to say, but just: Get it!!! One of the best (german) fanzine around, for sure!!!
And a very big THANX to Jan for sending me a copy of this issue!!! Oi!

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