Dienstag, 9. März 2010

Oooops!, the Boozer from southern Germoney did it again!!!

"DER TRINKER" Fanzine Issue No. # 04 (Fee: 2,00 Euro)
That's a nice one, the newest issue of the "DER TRINKER" Fanzine (you can translate it as "THE BOOZER" Fanzine) had been coming out recently, and I truly enjoyed reading it. We do get a lot of fine stuff here, like for example interviews with the great young American Oi! band AIRES & GRACES (total great band and very good interview), with the guy who's doing the "Outknocked" webzine-what-so-ever-thing (interesting interview), with the dumb ass guys of HAGGIS (what a giant bunch of through and through pure bullshit), and also with the bands TORO BRAVO, CENZURA, OPERACE ARTABAN, and ALKOPRO, all are coming from the eastern european countries and the interviews (all with the same questions) are putted together in one big interview about the topic of the "European Oi! Oi! Oi! Union", and that's a very cool thing. Then there is also a long report of the European Tour 2009 of RED ALERT and PRODUZENTEN DER FROIDE, what is a nice and funny thing to read, even the boozing of RED ALERT seems to be far away from anything being possible good, normal, or even healthy, haha;-). Then we do get band introductions of the german Skinhead Rock band RAMPAGE (totally not my bottle of beer, but okay...) and of the german Oi!-Punk band CURRYSAU KARTELL (ah, okay...), News, foto-picture-pages ('Glazenparty' / 'Skinhead Party Time'), Reviews of Records and Fanzines, Gigreports, News from out of the GEWOHNHEITSTRINKER camp, poems (yes, believe it, trust your eyes, haha;-)...), some interesting words as the introduction to this issue, and some good down written thoughts about this whole AFA - P.C. / Anti-AFA - Anti-P.C. bullshit that seems to be one of the hottest topics in germany these days. Beside that we do also get a funny cover, that's suiting the zine name very well. It all comes in a nice black / white artwork (but it could be more cut & paste again the next time, if you ask me...), it's all written in german, and yeahr, you should give it a fair try. Very nice done!!!

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