Freitag, 12. März 2010

German Folk from the german city of Göttingen

And MARY'S BARD and also Fiedler Knauf (for) the second time. The two Folk warhores from Göttingen, haha;-), with their band GEPLÄRR. They are playing something that you can maybe call German Folk music (if this genre isn't already existing, I don't have a clue about this...), it's a mixture of Irish Folk music with a lot of medieval and Rennaissance like spirit and notes in it and all sung in german. Very soulful, very meditative, and very empathetic. But, hm, it's not really knocking me of my feet, I've been missing something to it, maybe more energy or so, and somehow it's also a little to gothic-like for me (from the atmospehric side of the songs). But okay, it's also one thing, very, very interesting, especially for a guy like me who is (beside of much, much more, and even much, much more important things) a studied philologist in German philology and literature, because they have poems of the epoch of the german Romanticism (okay, more or less, haha;-)....) set to muic, from Goethe to Hebbel, all very poetical, emotional, and full of atmosphere. Very interesting to listen to and also very good done, without any kind of a doubt, but I really somehow dislike this medieval or what-so-ever spirit that tramps the songs. But it's still very interesting to listen to and truly good done at all, so you can and should give it a fair try, forsooth!!! Nice artwork (comparable to the MARY'S BARD record reviewed before), good lyrics, fits all. It's really a damn pity that I just didn't find the time to go to see and hear them live when they were playing in Goslar last year. (7 of 10 points)

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