Donnerstag, 25. März 2010

Razorblade are doing it in german!!!

RAZORBLADE - "DIE JUNGS / HART WIE STAHL" ("Bandworm Records"; 7"):
Yeahr, here it is, the newest 7" single of the just great and already legendary RAZORBLADE from the Netherlands. It's late, and I'm tired after the last damn good active days, so I think, that I'll keep it short this time, haha;-). I was (and I am still) a very, very big fan of the whole dutch Oi!, Streetpunk & Hardcore music scene, there had been (and there are still) so many great bands, so yeahr, fuck England, hail to the Netherlands!!! And RAZORBLADE had been there right from the beginning, ah, I mean, they were (and still they are) one of my absolute favorite bands, and so I was really excited about this strictly limited collectors 7" in black vinyl (there are only 250 copies existing). They are singing here two songs completly in german, and it sounds great!!! RAZORBLADE play their very own, unique, and outstanding style of Underground Bootboy musick, or, like they declared it with their last full length album: Music 4 Maniacs!!! A very hard way of damn good Oi! Oi! music, inspired by hard hitting Streetrock and good old Hardcore stuff. If you need some other bandnames, then here they are: CONDEMNED 84, SHEER TERROR, TROOPERS and (a little bit early or earlier) BÖHSE ONKELZ. But they are playing it in their totally own way of style, dominated by Wouters just pure harsh and aggressive gruff vocals and the incredible sharp and hard forward pushing guitar work, and yes, they damn know how to play their instruments!!! And the german language is truly making the songs even more brutal, than you know it in any case from RAZORBLADE. Just brilliant!!! We get two songs, one brand new track called "DIE JUNGS" and the german version of the hymne "HARD ALS STAAL", named "HART WIE STAHL" this time. (Not only are the lyrics and vocals delivered in german, but also the song was worked over a little bit in a whole, so it's not only some sort of 'german rip off' track.) The songs are pounding hard and ultra brutal in your head, and you start your all alone one man moshpit in your living room. Damn great!!! When it comes to the lyrics we get two cool hymns of the band for the band as well as their (especially german) fans, very authentic and done with a lot of style!!! Then we do also get a very hard and dirty production sound, as well as a nice looking artwork, and especially the frontcover is bringing some memories to my mind, good old boozing past, haha, but you know: "Let the past be the past!!!". (To the backcover: But the guys should really get a new van for their next tour, haha;-).) So, what shall I say more, to get this 7" is not just an advice, it's your damn fucking duty. So get it!!! Now!!! It's limited to 250 copies, like all the "Bandworm Records" collectors series vinyl releases, so you should better be quick with getting it!!! Ah, and you also get the official MP3 Download Code to this 7" when you buy it, what is also a sweet and nice little thing. I hope RAZORBLADE will also soon be back with a new full length record. Fantastic band!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)

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