Samstag, 6. März 2010

For 10 cents... in what or whom would you trust? God?

BULLETBOYS - "10 CENT BILLIONAIRE" ("Chavis Records"; CD):
Puh, I can't really tell you what, but somehow I expected something different from this CD and band. Okay, I got the CD- it's also pretty new, the release isn't long ago- for a very low price, yes, and then I thought: "Okay, give it a try!" I mean, why not? By looking at the cover and by the bandname I expected something different. Okay, it was pretty much clear that this would be some Rock & Roll or Hardrock stuff, but from the cover I got the imagination that there would be also some Punkrock in it. Hm, the bandpictures then proven me wrong for the first time, then the music for the second time. Okay, how - ever, that's maybe also not the point. The BULLETBOYS deliver us some modern, hard rockin' and rollin' Hardrock, that's stamped pretty much by some fat guitar walls, hard punching drums, and some somehow nasally vocals. There's a lot of pseudo-weighty pathos in it, combined with that somehow nasally and pseudo-pathetic vocals, brrr, I still don't know really about my relation with/to that band the BULLETBOYS here. It's something like a mixture out of MONSTER MAGNET and CREED (but without the high class and storytelling ability of that great band from the 1990's), and sometimes it gets a little bit weird when there is suddenly a strong impact of MÖTLEY CRÜE to find in the songs (just listen to "Girls Kissin' Girls"). Hm, it's all not that really my bottle of beer, but okay, I also think I'm not in the target audience of this band. If you like MONSTER MAGNET and more modern Hardrock stuff like this band, then go and check the BULLETBOYS out. The CD comes in a good sound quality and in a nice artwork, with the lyrics. (6 of 10 points)

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