Sonntag, 7. März 2010

Enemy Contact Round No. # 06

(Fee: circa 2,00 Euro)
Here we do have the newest issue of the "FEINDKONTAKT" Fanzine from the german town Plauen. "FEINDKONTAKT" you can translate into "Enemy Contact" or something like that. The Fanzine is coming out quarterly and in an edition of something around 250 copies or so. I'm reading it since issue no. # 02, and I've always enjoyed it. Hm, but since the last issue no. # 05 things started to become a little strange and confusing. I mean it's one thing if you decide for yourself not to join the ranks of the political games, to declare yourself as being unpolitical or nonpolitical or antipolitical, to proclaim that you are not politically correct, to be not p.c., but if you are propagating this and then just rant and ran your mouth about the political left, the AFA, and the so called reds, but making good friends on the (also radical and extreme) right of the political camp, then this has nothing to do with being un-, non-, or antipolitical, it has nothing to do with being non p.c., because than you are fuckin' political- not left wing, for sure, but right wing-, and you are damn political correct- not from the left border of the political array, but from the right border of the political array-, and you should face the facts and the consequences of what you are doing and proclaiming: If you let your Fanzine being sponsored by fascist and racist record labels / merchandise sellers like the "Adler Versand" and / or "Oi! ain't Red Records" (just take a look at the online shop of this real subhuman scum), if you think you have to allegorise yourself by proclaiming how hard and tough and rebellious you are because you are listening to SKREWDRIVER (the NS crap), ENDSTUFE, STEELCAPPED STRENGTH, and other R.A.C. / White Power / NS Rock garbage like this, if you think bands are solely then good when they are covering namend acts, when you only rant against left bands, zines, etc., when you play down the danger that's coming from the right wing, when you are reviewing and listening to records of R.A.C. / White Power music bullshit (saying that they are saying a lot of "true things"- oh come on, how stupid can it get...-, and that they will shock a lot of the P.C. guys- what are always only left wing political guys, by the way- what you think is always good), etc., then you don't have to be annoyed when there are some people who start to think: Until this line, but not over it!!! And then just propagating that you have not a yen for AFA guys, because you are pissed because of the critics that you became to hear / read, that's a little bit strange and fucked up!!! Maybe not just talking bullshit, but thinking about a few things, for example your own standpoint!!! Preaching about being anti politics in the scene, but then closing the ranks with the extreme right wing faggots... use your head for more than just shaving it clean!!! I hope that the "FEINDKONTAKT" won't go much further in this direction, would be a great pity, because it's still a very good zine.
(That's a general description of the way the "FEINDKONTAKT" fanzine has taken with the last issues.)
So now directly to this issue here: We do get Interviews with SARAH BLACKWOOD / THE CREEPSHOW (Rockabilly stuff, nice music, very good interview), with BALLS & BOOBS (former ARGLISTIGE TOISCHUNG... the girl who's playing the guitar is a sweet one, but who needs that kind of music... but the Interview is a brilliant one), with SUPERYOB (I really don't know why everybody is hyping that band that much, but okay... but a nice interview anyhow), and with the MUMMY'S DARLINGS from Bavaria (also not so really my bottle of beer, but again a really nice interview, and that's what truly matters at the end of the day, if you ask me). Beside this we get some news from the Vikingrock band NJORD (good stuff) and from the reformed PROLLIGANS (who the fuck really needs a reformation... if you want to hear good music- with good lyrics- that's coming out of the former PROLLIGANS camp then listen to the FORBIDDEN KINGS, but who needs this whole PROLLIGANS stuff again and again... I can't understand it... I won't believe it...), also tons of Gig Reports (but you know what I think about it, they are much too many for me... by the way: ENDSTUFE and other crap sucks, and on the old records, that you all so much hype, that band couldn't barely play, so come on!!!), a little foto story, a column about censorship in germany, and loads of fanzine and record reviews (but especially the record reviews should be worked out more deeply, because they simply carry not that much informations about the reviewed records, that's it and that's not what record reviews were meant to be, at least if you ask me).
The Lay-Out of this zine really rocks, nice black / white stuff with beautiful grey contrasts and very good picture quality, and it comes with a "military" cover artwork that's perfectly suiting the name of this zine, and also again in a dust wrapper, this time in mirror bright white and ornated with the "FEINDKONTAKT" banner. The next issue should be out soon. Ah, and it's all completly written in german.
So, like I've said, there is still a lot of a really good content in it, but it's all going into a more and more harder right wing or at least more and more open to the harder right wing direction, and I hope that it won't get much more worse than this!!! You know what content you get, you know about the "problems" of and with this zine, so decide for yourself if you want to buy it or not. The first issue of this zine where I can't give you any recommendation to buy it, even a lot of the content is truly good and interesting. Hopefully this (not the in general good and interesting content of this zine, but this whole wide "open-up" to the right wing subhuman schumbag scene) will change with the next coming issue!!! Hopefully...

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