Sonntag, 7. März 2010

The Crew on the road: Hardcore and Metal D.I.Y. Undergrounds Heavyweight Bash

"KuMo -NIGHT" at the 06. of March 2010 with: ALIVE AT LAST, MEINE STUNDE NULL, 5 POUNDS A HEAD & MORPHYN in Wernigerode / Sachsen - Anhalt / Germoney

Originally it was planned to travel to Magdeburg to visit the 15th (?) anniversary concert of the sympathic german Oi! / Streetpunk / Punkrock / etc. label "Bandworm Records", to enjoy fantastic acts like DISCHARGER, RAZORBLADE and PEKELE, but somehow this plan has gone to the dogs. But it wasn't that bad at all. So I was given the chance to spend a beautiful day with a even more beautiful and in every relation attracting young woman- what I've joyfully done and enjoyed very much, just to tell it you- and at the evening there was another- smaller but also interesting- concert calling us, in the city of Wernigerode. Puh, of the bands that were announced to play I've never heard anything before, only with MEINE STUNDE NULL (you can translate it as "My Hour Zero" or "My Zerohour"), the local heroes, I was a very, very little bit familiar with. But okay, I've decided that this shouldn't be any kind of drawback to go and enjoy this concert.
Temporal very pressed I've came home late at the evening, just found the time to "jump" into some other clothes, concreting my hairstyle, drink some delicate and satiating protein drinks (you know, also 'me, myself and I' sometimes feel the need to take my supper), yeahr, and then the crew was already there and I jumped into the car, where the mates of 'Peino', 'Zottel' and 'Tobilicious' (the best greetings to you guys!!! And sorry, that it took a little bit longer with me this time!!!) were already waiting to bag me in, and yeahr, then we hit the fuckin' road to go to the wild, wild east. By the way, motorways truly rule, haha!!!

We came to the youth center of Wernigerode, and what shall I say, I was pretty much suprised in a very positive way. The location of the building was very good, so that there should not be any kind of handicap with an evening with long live music, and also the building itself looked very positive, and there were no fucked up boozers to be located at the parking lot in front of the youth center. Jolly good!!! Entered the rooms of the youth center, puh, I thought to myself: "Damn, being antifascist is a good, a necessary thing, but this is hyperbolical! Much too much!" Everywhere were banners of the AFA and other stuff hanging around, stickers with crossed and / or smashed swastikas sticked everywhere, everywhere you could see stickers and banners with the slogan "Keeping Hardcore free of Nazis!!!", and so on. Damn, it's all good and fine with me, but maybe a little bit too much, or do you really feel such a huge need to justify yourself and to point out your standpoint even if you're celebrating with your friends and the likes of you / them?!? I don't really think so, but okay, on the other hand I should understand why this is still so damn important to the girls and the boys in the east of germany. Something, that you can easily forget these days in some other regions of germany, but to this I'll come a little bit later. What was also very suprising in a also very positive way were the inner rooms of the youth center, where it was very easy to feel comfortable. There's somebody doing truly a very, very good job, if you ask me!!!

After entering the concert-, lounge-, barroom we decided to hit the bar, but what had my eyes to see: "Sternburg Export"!!! Fuck it!!! Who's drinking this crap?!? Instead of drinking this puke you can also drink the piss of your neighbor!!! Damn!!! So I sticked with some mixering drinks of "Beck's" and Water / H2O, and the plan was also to go to the concert and not boozing around, so at the end of the day: No real problem at all!!! Checked the other guys at the concert, the merchandise sell-points, yeahr, and again: Back to the bar!!! 'Zottel' and 'Tobilicious' started ardently their "Sternburg" safari, 'Peino' and I were checking the flyers of some next up coming concerts, we all were talking already a lot of funny bullshit, and we all were waiting for the first band to start. I'll say it this way: The evening just could not end bad, haha!!!

The first band of the evening should be CONFUSED, but they called it a day, because for some reasons they had to cancel the concert. Okay, after I've never (and still don't) heard anything of this band, what shall I say, I wasn't caring about it that much at all. Instead of CONFUSED the guys of ALIVE AT LAST were playing. Also of this band, coming from somewhere between the german cities of Göttingen and Hannover, I've never herad anything, but I was getting excited about it: Finally live music again!!! It was a while now, since I've enjoyed my last live concert, due to a small and smaller getting amount of time for that stuff. And then ALIVE AT LAST started their set, and damn, had these- very Emo/Screamo stylish- guys been fuckin' good, damn, very, very good stuff!!! Okay, it's a very "up-to-date-sound" that they play, but they do it very, very good!!! Maybe you can describe their music as a mixture of AT WITS END, early FEAR MY THOUGHTS and ALEXIS ON FIRE, and it all already very self-contained. The first one or two songs or so I thought to myself: "Good stuff, hm, but they could be a at least a little bit more independent and stand-alone in putting out their music." But this thought very fast went away, because this young (?) band blowed me away- and not only me-, damn good songs, absorbing songwriting, a charismatic and fantastic singer, cool hymnal fists-in-the-air parts, and so many positive power on stage- they were official exploding up there!!!-, and yes, this guys know how to play, fuckin' brilliant!!! It was a pity that there had been only so little crowd reaction to this band, but that's the curse if you're playing as the first band at a concert, I guess, but already there had been some "dancing" in front of the stage, a lot of "knocking heads" and benevolent applause, and to me it was pretty clear that I had to buy their record, and yes, I bought it!!! You should know me, haha!!! That was a great band, and a brilliant starting point to this concert. After ALIVE AT THE END I went shopping, and then I hit the bar again. 'Peino' discovered the coffee at this evening and 'Zottel' and 'Tobilicious' had been already started hunting on the big games of the girls and women at this evening, or was it just hunting the next rounds of "Sternburg"?!? What ever, but the hunt was on... maybe also the heat, haha!!!

Then it was time that the second band hit the stage, and this should be the local heroes of MEINE STUNDE NULL, and yes, if you've seen the crowd reactions that this guys got then you could easily say that they had been something like the secret headliner. Puh, but the first songs... damn what was this?!? Okay, the soundquality at this evening wasn't the best at all, but this?!? Damn, this was only bashing around on stage on their instruments and the singer sounded like he had put the microphone up his ass into his gut and farting the shit out of him. Okay, sometimes it also sounded like a pig was murdererd on stage. Damn, that was totally not my cup of tea. 'Zottel' and 'Tobilicious' very soon left the rooms to drink and smoke outside, 'Peino' was looking like "What the fuck?" and I just was "Uh...", okay, and then during the first songs of MEINE STUNDE NULL some stupid Nazi-Bonehead faggots with a dirty "Punk's not red!" Nazi Punk idiot in a "Thor Steinar" jacket hit the rooms. That wasn't Skinheads at all!!! I know what I say: After a decade or so of being a Skinhead, before I called it in the last octobre a day due to being fed up with this whole german bullshit scene microcosm crap, but being still dedicated to Oi!, Skinhead, Streetpunk, SKA, Reggae, still knowing what this all had meant and given to me, I just can say: Cheap and not fitting, ugly green bomber jackets, "Thor Steinar" clothes, wearing "the hammer of Thor" patches doesn't make you a Skinhead. But combined with a wet shaved head, R.A.C. Buttons and Shirts, dirty and tracked down combat boots, washed-out carrot pants, and other stuff like that, it is making you a stupid faggot that knows nothing about Skinhead and being a Skinhead, but dresses the way the media is still talking about what a Skinhead is, and it's making you to a dumb-ass bastard that is following some stupid extreme right wing ideologies with strong symols to hind behind and to give the guilt for his / her miserable life away to unguilty people. Fuck you and your life, stupid Nazi faggot piece of shit!!! Stay away from one of the purest and smartest things ever!!! So a bunch of about seven or eight scumbags of this true subhuman scum hit the rooms, and you could easily see that they had been out for seeking trouble. After watching one or two songs of MEINE STUNDE NULL then trouble would fill the concert room. I prepared myself for getting ready to rumble!!! MEINE STUNDE NULL draw a huge following with some sympathic guys that were dedicated to this whole violent dancing style, and damn, they were truly putting on a good show in the crowd. So, some of the Nazi faggots felt the need to go in front of the stage to the violent dancing chummers and give them a beating, ha, but it went exactly the other way: Fists to the heads, feets to the stomach, knees to the chest, knees to the face, fists to the bags, damn, our arayan supermen got the hell of a beating!!! It was great to see, that there were some guys who exactly know how to tread this scumbags right and weren't ashamed to give them what they deserve!!! At a concert of this kind in Goslar or so it would definitely not had been this way!!! And it weren't first of all the AFA "Alerta Antifascista!" guys, it had been the Betadown / Bollo guys who put out the right treatment!!! Good to see!!! The Nazis soon left the building, beaten black and blue, not to be seen again this evening. After this break MEINE STUNDE NULL made their standpoint clearly ("Fuck Fascism!") and the show went on. Somehow during the set of MEINE STUNDE NULL something happend. I looked at 'Peino' and said: "Damn, what's going on now?!? Have this guys really become that much better?!? I can't believe it!!!" And he said: "Yes, I become aware of it, too." The music, the band and also the sound really had become much, much better. MEINE STUNDE NULL turned out to be a fine band, hammering out a harsh and devastating mixture of Hardcore, Death Metal and Grindcore, and as long as the Grindcore elements don't take the lead I just can say that it is a very fine band, already very self-contained and well-versed, that's offering us many variants of extreme music pulled together in their songs. Good stuff!!!

After the MEINE STUNDE NULL set 'Zottel' and 'Tobilicious' came back in- like I've said, they were hunting the big games and smoking and drinking outside the building- and asked us nosily about the Anti - Nazi - Action, and, of course, ordering the next round of good old "Sternburg" (again: How can you sell it?!? And also: How can you drink it?!?), laughing about the evening planning of our arayan supermen (and their two or three damn ugly girlfriends... if you have to fuck something like this, brrr, okay, maybe you have to be such a frustrated and stupid piece of shit... or maybe it could be one reason more to think about one or two things to change in your life...), going out "in style" (and what a style that was), collect some crass and rough beating, going back home, drinking some cheap beer (like "Sternburg", for example, haha), watching T.V. at home, and fall a sleep in your living room. Nice thing, haha!!! 'Peino' given me some info sheat of Nazis and their tactics of internet-presence, we grabbed some flyers and stickers, and then hit the bar another time, frighten away some young kids. Do we look really that sinister?!? I guess so, haha!!! But okay, of course this bunch of kids already should had been at home in their bed at this point of time, so maybe they were just tired and easily to impress, haha!!! Ah, no, we definitley look that sinister, for sure, haha!!!

Then the third band took over the stage. It was time for 5 POUNDS A HEAD. I was pretty excited about this band, the guys looked pretty much like Old School Hardcore and the bandname is just brilliant, if you ask me. And then they started their set and right from the beginning they got me. Pretty much old school Hardcore, all played pretty much in the 1990's New York Hardcore Style way, somewhere between 25 TA LIFE, BIOHAZARD, MADBALL and AGNOSTIC FRONT, blended with some little notes of TERROR. All played in a good pace, without becoming boring and / or sounding to equal, and what can I say: I love this music and this band was damn good!!! Soon after their first song (okay, maybe already after their soundcheck, to be honest with you, haha) it was clear to me, that I had to get their CD. Two singers, all in all very tough shouters, no Metal bullshit in it, cool grooves and some beatdowns, fine breaks, interesting songwriting, yeahr, no need to say more about them: Fuckin' good band!!! They really rocked the house!!! Who not rocked the house was this Metal guy with his Hippie like flower throwing dancing style, that was much too drunk and started a little brawl in the crowd in front of the stage, but he was quickly being put down and out hard. If you pieces of shit can't deal with the music, stay the fuck away from it! If you faggots can't deal with alcohol, just don't drink! If you guys can't deal with yourself, than just go out and do something beneficial ... go dying! Guys like this really suck!!! After the scenery was calmed down again 5 POUNDS A HEAD continue their set, and that was very good to see and hear. They finished their set with a very cool coverversion of the legendary "Punishment" of the great BIOHAZARD. Just great!!! Check this band out!!! Great!!!

'Zottel' and 'Tobilicious' weren't really that succesful on their big game hunt, but their "Sternburg" safari really went very well. They entered the concert room again, asking us about 5 POUNDS A HEAD... damn, if you go to a concert, why not looking at and listening to the playing bands?!? Just an idea... Told them that 5 POUNDS A HEAD just were a great band, then I went shopping again, then walking back to the bar, but decided conclusively not to join 'Zottel' and 'Tobilicious' on their "Sternburg" safari and also and especially not to join them on their big game hunt, haha!!! Talked some more rubbish with 'Peino', heard some funny news about 'Ossi', started to laugh out loud, and then the headliners MORPHYN entered the stage. Okay, it was very late, and the very active day and the very hard last weeks and months really started to demand their tribute from me, so after two or three songs I've decided to take a breathe at the fresh and cold air and left the building for a while. But okay, it wasn't that bad at all, because MORPHYN just weren't my bottle of beer. They were playing Thrash Metal with some very few Death Metal notes in it, pretty much influenced by SLAYER and early 1990's SEPULTURA, not bad, but not really mine anymore. Ah, but they were just great musicians!!! That said, I was out, haha!!! Not mine!!!

After MORPHYN we decided to leave the scene of the crime very quickly, entered the car and hit the road, listening to some very good Punkrock tunes from 59 TIMES THE PAIN and their "Calling The Public" record. Riding fast to Goslar, entering the local McDonald's Check In center. I was trying some Salat and the new Veggieburger, drinking some water... but I think that's not that important to you, right, haha?!? I could tell you also something about someone's not that really delicious eating habits, but okay, forget about it now, could be better, haha!!! After bringing 'Tobilicious' home and watching 'Zottel' hitting the bars and streets in Goslar seeking salvation from some more drinks, I was pretty happy when I was finally at home, creeping in my bed, putting the lights out, and bang, sleep took over me, and that's it!!! Thanks to 'Peino' for being the driver this evening, and yeahr, the crew will be on the road again soon, haha!!!

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