Mittwoch, 10. März 2010

No Shit tolerating SKINHEADS!!!

CRUCIAL CHANGE - "33" ("Dim Records"; CD):
Here is the new CRUCIAL CHANGE full length album, you could also say that Seattles Finest are fuckin' back!!! We get 13 tracks of hard hitting, very heavy played, rigoros, genuine, and damn angry American Oi! on a very high level and of very good and strong quality. The guitar playing as well as the powerful vocals are marking the music of CRUCIAL CHANGE very strong, and that for some good reasons, if you ask me. Very heavy, hard, and charismatic, the vocals as well as the guitar work, just excellent done!!! Then we do also get a demolishing rhythmsection, that really gives the songs a beefy backbone, and very loud and and cool crew shouts. Great stuff so far, but sometimes the drumming could be at least a little bit more variable, but okay, it's not that disruptive at all. It's a very strong mixture of CONDEMNED 84, the YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE, the 'long gone' RED; WHITE & BLUE, the very early BÖHSE ONKELZ, and a very, very little bit of Old Tyme Hardcore the early CRO-MAGS style. And it will crush your fuckin' face!!! They wobble between haevy mid tempo and merciless up tempo parts and songs, and they are doing a very good job. Then we do also get great lyrics. Very much patriotic and surely also conservative, angry and right wing, but without any NS garbage, racist trash, fascist dirt, or anything else of this subhuman scumbag ideology, so there's everything alright with me, and the lyrics are fuckin' good and carry a lot of class pride, and with songs like "Pride In Yourself", "Patriotic Price", "N.A.U.", "Skin", "Born Free", "Stay Out" and "Society's Shame" they do really hit the nail and speak the truth. Sometimes they also have some viking like pagan lyrics that are well done, too. Beside the very good lyrics and the even better music we still do get also a very gorgeous artwork and a gaudy, dirty, and hard production sound that's really suiting the music very well. Ah, and on top we do also get the whole and complete "American Made" album as a free bonus on this CD, including their cover of the legendary STARS & STRIPES ("Proud, Strong & Free"). CRUCIAL CHANGE also deliver a cover of the BÖHSE ONKELZ classic "Stolz", and if there would not be this absolut crap opener tack "We're Back" (goddamn boring, too slow, too long, and so total dull that it's causing bitter boredom, and this paranoid lyrics also making it not better... this evil reds, behind every corner they wait with their evil plans...) they would maybe get the best note possible, but also so it's still just a great record that you should call your own. Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)

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