Samstag, 6. März 2010

Here's the review you've been looking for... the 45 ADAPTERS

45 ADAPTERS - "NOT ONE MORE DAY" ("Longshot Music" / "Contra Records"; 7"):
Yeahr, here's the review of the debut 7" of this damn great band, that's playing a truly outstanding and very unique, well-, well-versed Skinhead Rock & Roll sound, without any clichè crap or other stereotypic bullshit when it comes to the music and the lyrics. That's how I fuckin' love it!!! Strong and charismatic vocals, delivered us full of passion and dedication, combined with outshining and diverse guitar playing, that's delivering us very fine melodies, leads and soli, as well as very strong rhythms, rounded off by a genuine and very well present (it's a beauty!!! ) bass playing, and very powerful drumming, that's how I would describ the music of the 45 ADAPTERS. If you need a bandname to get a better imagination, then let me say it this way: If you like what the TEMPLARS are doing, then you can't make anything wrong with listening to the 45 ADAPTERS. But okay, that's not doing justice to the guys of the 45 ADAPTERS, 'cause they are playing their very own style of music, just a little bit comparable to what the great TEMPLARS are doing, so damn, don't expect anything like a rip off, but expect a self-contained and stand alone band and also such kind of music!!! Awesome stuff!!! Will be exciting to see and follow the development of this band!!! Can't wait for their second 7" and their full length debut!!! Ah, and on top we do also get very, very good, outstanding and interesting lyrics, that're dealing with a lot of not that typical topics, something that I also like very much!!! Damn, I'm 28 years now, sometime later in the year I'm becoming 29 years old, I just don't feel the need to listen to the same old topics I've listened to already ten or fifteen years ago, so I just can say "Thanx!" to the 45 ADAPTERS that they are giving us some really fresh topics to listen to, and it all done very, very, very good!!! That's how I like it!!! That's what I need this days!!! That's why I love this band!!! If you want to experience more about this band (and that's something yo really should do, experience more about this band) , then read the interview below this review, and damn, get this 7" masterpiece!!! The 7" comes in a nice and classical designed artwork, with the great lyrics, in nice blue vinyl (but I think there had been also other colours floating around), and very strictly limited to not more than something like 100 copies for europe (and another 100 copies for the U.S.A. and Canada), so I think it's pretty much save to say that this little nice gem will be a collectors item very soon, and that for some very good reasons. So get it while you can!!! Great music, great lyrics: Great band!!! Also very sympathic and authentic!!! Check them out!!! (10 of 10 points)

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