Freitag, 12. März 2010

You've fucked with me... that was suicide!!!

ALLEGED BRICKS - "PLACE YOUR BLAME" ("Street Anthem Records"; CD):
Damn, is that a really great band!!! You maybe know them also already from their split CD with THE BARONS, and here we do have their current (and also first?!?) full length album. They're playing a rough and tough mixture of American Oi!, Old School Hardcore, and some dirty and nice rockin' and hard and boneshakin' rollin' marks. The guitar work is fuckin' great, hard, dirty, rough, loud, and very well skillful, it drives the songs without any mercy forward and pushes them to their strong rockin' climax'. Then we do also get first class vocals, smart, hard, and charisatic as fuck, and a power- and skillful rhythmsection that will damn sure cruch your bones. If you like bands like (for example) the BLUE COLLAR CRIMINALS, LAST LAUGH, the mighty BONECRUSHER, THE 86'ED, and THE BARONS, and if you can imagine a with Hardcore and some dirty Rock & Roll fueled mixture of them, then you will find here a little big gem, but of course, the ALLEGED BRICKS do play a very self-contained style of music. Damn good American Oi!, pretty much the East Coast way, that you should urgently listen to!!! They have also very good lyrics settled together, that cover a big distance of several different interesting topics, and it all in a truly very good way. Then we do also get a very gnarled and dirty sound, that suits the music perfectly, and a very nice and flossy artwork. Great job!!! Get it!!! Ah, and of course, it's about time that the follow up album will finally see the light of the day. Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)

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