Dienstag, 9. März 2010

Back with a Bang!!!

IRON CROSS - "TWO PIECE AND A BISCUIT" ("13th State Records" / "Teenage Heart Records"; CD):
Yeahr, a legend returns!!! The great IRON CROSS are back from the dead (of course I don't really know if they were really "dead", but at least there was for eternities no new record coming out), the writers of great songs like "Crucified", "Psycho Skin", "I Don't Love You Anymore", and "You're A Rebel". Founded in 1981 (the year of my birth... you see, it was truly a damn good year!!!) in Washington D.C., and the Bandsplit came in 1983. So yeahr, over 20 years without any new songmaterial. But here they are back, and how they are back, fucking strong, proud, and powerful. Four new IRON CROSS tracks we do get to hear on this CD. Okay, two new songs. The great tracks "Pride & Freedom" and "Catch Your Grave". Both are strong and great Oi! hymns, with a strong classical Punkrock influence. And then we also get a vey cool new recorded version of the classic "I Don't Love You Anymore", and also a fine mid paced cover of the COCK SPARRER classic "Running Riot". The awesome charismatic and full vocals dictate the way the songs take, as well as the very tight and smart guitar work, backed up by a powerful rhythmsection. Great!!! Then there come three also new tracks, but not from IRON CROSS but from SAB GREY AND THE ROYAL AMERICANS (great bandname, by the way). As you all should know, Sab Grey is the singer of IRON CROSS, and this is something like his 'second' band. And they are just bringing us two awesome and one great song. They cover "Skinhead Girl" in a brilliant Country way (it will just knock you from your feet), they bring with "Ship Of Sorrow" a breathtaking Country, Folk, Rock & Roll mixture song that will give you goosepimples, and then they also hammer out a cool SOCIAL DISTORTION like Punkrock & Roll smasher named "Wasted In D.C.!" that will rock your socks off. Both bands make it simple to a damn great record that you defintely should call your own. On top we do alo get a very cool artwork, damn good lyrics (not printed, but you get them while you listen to the song), and it all comes in a very good, clean but also hard production sound. Like I've already said: Get it!!! Absolute pure and solid gold!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)

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