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BEN PAKULSKI - The IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Machine from Toronto, Ontario/Canada

Hey folks, next post is coming right in through, and this one is a very prompt new ''Sports'' post, again staying in the department of IFBB Pro Bodybuilding. Like I've written in the precusor post, the tribute to show respect and pay honour to the (al-) mighty ZACK "KING" KHAN, the ultimate muscle super mass mutant from out of the Hardcore Underground dephts of the U.K., this time it's a tribute post to another young and promising Bodybuilding beast that holds a lot of potential and promises a lot for the future, no one else than the weight lifting and iron pumping intellectual as well as passionated Bodybuilding Machine from the heights of Canada, BEN PAKULSKI. Before we now go deeper into it let me say some few general words to this very month and the happening of the greatest and biggest and most important stages of them all, the "IFBB MISTER OLYMPIA" in Las Vegas. So here we go with it...

... and damn it, what shall I say, I am very fucking curious about it!!! So damn curious!!! All signs are up that PHIL HEATH is about to defend his title and take the SANDOW for a second time with him. After all the writings over the last year it would be more than a suprise when "their" chosen golden boy isn't doing it all again... Okay, that may sound now a little bit "dodgy" or "shady" or "offending" but anyhow, it's my opinion and I don't care what you may think of it... But we will see and that he's a GREAT athlete anyway anyhow shouldn't be doubted at all by anyone and isnt't doubted by me as well, just to get this clear and set this straight right from the start here and now. But anyhow, maybe it all isn't that clear as well... I am curious about what package the through and through almighty and already legendary BRANCH WARREN brings up on stage (even I think it's somehow pretty clear that the current ruling "ARNOLD CLASSIC" champ won't take the SANDOW as well, the two major IFBB titles won't be taken by the same person... not at least because a living legend like RONNIE COLEMAN only comes around once a century or so), and also it will be damn exciting what KAI GREENE will be able to present in Las Vegas in about two or three weeks from now on. Do he have what it takes to triumph at the SANDOW stage? I think he has it ALL!!! Will he do so?!? Don't know it, maybe read above... But anyway it will be very interesting and fascinating, for sure. Especially if he manages it to go on top shape on stage right from the first minute and if he then also keeps this shape up over the distance of the competition. We will see, and I think we al can be exicted if not electrified about it. JAY CUTLER won't compete again (at least this very year) after all what I've read recently (but anyway he's on the official roster and promotion poster as well, I don't know about it...), what's a pity but maybe he's also really getting too old these days to keep up the competition with younger guys of today, I don't know. (But just to get this clear, I think he's one of the greatest guys in this sport ever, point and fact.) Hm, but maybe I'm totally wrong with it and this or latest next year he will be blasting us all away with his presence at the "MISTER OLYMPIA" and taking his fifth SANDOW with him, who knows... And I'm also incredible curious what DENNIS WOLF will be able to do this year!!! One of the very best guys of today and still I think he can do it... and he will do it one day, period. He was so close to win the "ARNOLD CLASSIC" this very year, just beaten by a incredible strong returned BRANCH WARREN. But if he keeps his package in this phenomenal shape and if he maybe also still used to stand up still a little bit more improved and developed over the last months on the stage in Las Vegas then the world could really stop for a moment to turn and all is possible. Get them DENNIS!!! Also the "MR. OLYMPIA" debut of LIONEL BEYEKE could be a very exciting affair. Even I think he won't do anything all oh to special... but we will see... JOHNNIE JACKSON and RONNY ROCKEL promise also a lot and if especially JOHNNIE builded up his legs and kept his other shape that he used to have and showcased in Essen, Germany this year at the FIBO he could present a nearly complete package. And don't we forget DEXTER JACKSON. What about him? Will "THE BLADE" finally come back in premium shape at the biggest stage of them all?!? Then it all could be turned upside down. Oh, and how this would be great. And don't we forget the mighty young upcoming strong going force from the north, Ontario's BEN PAKULSKI, the man who's now in the focus point of this very post, and his appearence in Las Vegas on the biggest stage of them all. After all, I don't know what will come, and after all and just to underline it and point it out again, I am also very excited anyhow what PHIL HEATH by himself will bring to the table, the man they call the "aesthetic freak" and that is known as "the gift"... We will see... and I can't wait for it finally to happen soon. What ever will be the outcome, it will be just damn great. Are you excited like I am excited? How could you not!!! And when it's about this very blog you're reading currently through up here then be prepared for more ''Sports'' to come up here latest after the "MR. O. 2012"!!! And now it's time to finally start with the tribute post to BEN PAKULSKI, so here we finally go again up here...



The Bodybuilding Machine from Ontario, Canada

So to start with here and now we will start as usual with some biographical data, but before we do so some words about his presence over this very year. He- which means BEN or (just to name his full real life name) BENJAMIN PAKUSLKI- got a big support through the "FLEX MAGAZINE" (at least in the german issues of this magazine), with a lot of articles about him and with answering to a huge amount of readers questions as well as showcasing and presenting his own workout as well as nutrition and supplement agenda, his "MI40" system (later on in this post I will tell you at least a little bit more about it, calm down), to the readers, and also he played the incredible Hulk for the "MUSCLE & FITNESS" magazine in some issue of this very year (at least over here in Germany). A huge support but with looking at his very own development this very year a more than justified support and I am really excited what he will do the next year as well as this very year when he will be attending the "MR. O." as a competetive, but, just by the way, I always thought and still think that he should have won the this years "FLEX PRO" instead of the by far overrated LIONEL BEYEKE (who also got a incredible push over this year in the "FLEX MAGAZINE", again at least over here in Germany in the german issues of it, even this is something that I can't fully understand compared to guys like BEN PAKULSKI himself or ZACK "KING" KHAN, but maybe it's just me...) but okay, anyhow, that's how life goes. So he really jumped into my focus this very year and this for many more than good and justified reasons. And also his physiques really went through the roof, not at least are maybe his legs the very best and most extreme ones since TOM PLATZ (maybe), and so not at least this development is the reason why I think that BEN PAKLUSKI, the IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Machine from Ontario in Canada, is side by side with the (al-) mighty ZACK "KING" KHAN the very best of the young and upcoming guys in the IFBB Pro Bodybuilding league with the biggest promise in store for the next years. And so this is why this tribute post to him is coming up here to read so quickly after the tribute to ZACK "KING" KHAN and as the second post after the (let us call it) relaunch of the postings of the ''Sports'' category up here, and so now you can finally read it here and now. So, onward we go: BEN PAKULSKI was born at the 18th of March the year of 1981 in the city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. He used to grow up as a very ''sporty'' respectively atheletic child and being curious about any sports he just could anyhow do. Around the age of 15 he finally should start to go in the weight room and pump iron with some of his best friends at this time. He was already a teenager athlete on a pretty high level when he felt the testosterone rush in and maybe due to his genetics as well as his very athletic background or just because he did far more and far harder work than the other guys he grew very fast and especially in contrast to his friends he was doing the iron pumping with at this time. Soon this huge development got noticed very much by the people and beside the fact that this reaction of the people gave him some good feelings he also felt that his over all athletic potential grew very strong. Something that made him feel even more euphoric. It was also around one day this time that he discovered the "FLEX MAGAZINE" for the first time, the legend goes that on the cover of the first issue he ever bought and/or read was the legendary NASSER EL-SONBATY and BEN PAKULSKI by himself should have said back then that he never wanted to become that big... Time changes you over the years right?!? But anyhow since then he became a more or less regulary reader of the "FLEX MAGAZINE" especially to get the newest informations on workout exercises and nutrition and supplements. (And this is still a very good and really justified reason for all of us into the iron sports to read the queen of Bodybuilding magazines, the "FLEX MAGAZINE".) After a year or so with doing Fitness sports he archieved what is called the "MEN'S HEALTH" look (you know it), but he wasn't satisfied with it and it wasn't what he was seeking to find and to archieve and so he stepped into the world of Hardcore Pumping Iron when he joined the local Hardcore/Underground Gym and started with REAL (!!!) Bodybuilding. There he joined two brothers that used to set the standard in this very gym in their training schedule and over the next year hew grew on again quite impressive, but with still being nowhere near the two brothers  and especially nowhere near where he stands today. This all used to awake his desire and passion and love for training, for squatting, for deadlifting, for pumping. The two brothers, Vic and Dan, still train hard today, having families with children, but still feel this burning fire for training and archieving results, and they are still known to and a still a very big inspiration for BEN PAKULSKI. Also one of his first and strongest inspirations had been his dad and his stories of his impressive strengthful legs and shoulders when he was younger and so "little" BEN was out to emulate his father. Also old guys at the gym and their lessons and workout wisdom used to be very important for him. And so he also got aware of the fact that building strong, big, muscular and massive legs, a strong base, a strong core with this, is the most important and most forceful approach for pumping iron, and so he did squats over squats, something, which means the lessons about the strong base and the hard leg workouts with squats as the key excercise, is something most of the guys in most of the gyms out there have totally forgotten about today or never knew it anyway. (Or just refuse to do it because squats "kill" you every time you do them and the leg work out days are always the hardest to come.) After two hard years of very hard and intense training when he was seventeen years old BEN finally should take his father with him to the gym to demonstrate his squats to him. BEN was training in the "MACKS GYM" in Toronto at this time and was doing three sets of squats with 405lbs. for three sets of eight, while he was weighing 175lbs. at this moment. His father was very impressed and should finally arrange for him a training deal with Canadas most influential and well-reputated Bodybuilding coach SCOTT ABEL at this time. After four years of heavy, heavy training with SCOTT he was grown from 175lbs. aetheltic kid to a huge grown muslce building machinery of 250lbs.  with around twenty one. SCOTT ABEL was very important for BEN PAKULSKI, especially his three most important advices of being dilligent with his training, log books over books, and for fucks sake never ever miss one single meal (maybe the very most improtant lesson in Bodybuilding that all of us simply have to know and follow... even that's also the hardest one, at least personally for me... I sometimes really hate eating that amount of as "clean" as possible food and with feeling that my stomache never ever really gets a free minute out of work... but that's the price we have to pay). But even more important that SCOTT ABEL should become (the late) TOM HALL (a, so the legend goes, undefeated or never defeated IFBB Pro... you know him anyhow I guess) for BEN PAKULSKI. TOM told him all the rights and all the wrongs, all the do's and all the dont's inside and outside the gym, teaching him the importance of doing every excerice as totally precise and correct as possible to archieve all what's possible to archieve from out of the biomechanical demandments, showed him to eat correct and proper like a real Bodybuilder and told him why to do so. And when BEN was around eighteen years old it was TOM who got him his first "MUSCLETECH" supplement sponsoring contract. Three weeks after BENs first ever Bodybuilding show in 2005 TOM should pass away on the first of October, without seeing BEN ever compete after he had to stay away from BENs first show due to some family affair. BENs next show three weeks after he passed away was supposed to be the first show for him to see him live up on stage flexing his muscles. Even it was maybe the hardest show ever for BEN PAKULSKI he did the show anyhow, and all shows he did following this one he dedicated to TOM HALL. You may can also say, that it was TOM HALL who used to do the foundamental ground works on that BEN PAKULSKI used to build his own sientifical biomechanical approach to Bodybuilding. Today BEN PAKULSKI lives and pumps in Tampa Bay, Florida/USA.

I've already said that the approach of BEN PAKULSKI that he also worked out very detailed and precise in his "MI40" named training system is a very scientifical biomechanical one, maybe upbuilded on the foundament that the work with TOM HALL back then in BENs younger days created. And BEN should take it all to the graduation level with graduating in Kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario with an honors degree. He graduated with an Honors Kinesiology Degree, Economics Minor. His post graduation work then should take him finally all across the globe to work together with some of the best scientists in performance nutrition, excercise physiology and biomecahnics (which means the study of human movements). So after this all it won't make anyone wonder that BEN PAKULSKI and his very intelligent approach to Bodybuilding, Sports, nutrition and supplements should take him around the whole world and also on the coverpictures of mostly every important and prominent Bodybuilding, Fitness Sports and Sports and Nutrition/Supplements magazines in general. He should became some sort of a role model for Bodybuilding and Fitness enthusiats all over across the globe, and in that he takes a lot of pride. And today, like I've already written somewhere above, he is also a regular writer in the highly reputated "FLEX MAGAZINE". And while BEN is filled with a incredible strong fire for fitness and life he says above himself, that he is nothing and no one else than a lifelong student of fitness and nutrition by his very own respectively on its own or so. And like I've also already mentioned, his scientific biomechanical background lead him to work out his very own "MI40" training system when it's about pumping iron. It's a pretty complex system with a yet clear approach. He is introducing his "MI40" System on his webpages, in his "FLEX" columns and articles and on DVD's and as a personal trainer and online coach and the success of his training system is pretty impressive and it's already pretty popular. The difference to other popular and well-known as well as well-reputated training systems of today like the "Y3T" or the "FST-7" is simply, at least for what I understood, the fact that it's a by far more complete approach that's heading far more further than just aiming at the training at the gym and that is putting nutrition and recovery in the focus of it all and after BEN is a very outspoken one he also declares freely that it is a system for juicy Pro Bodybuilders as well juicy amateurs and non-juicy amateurs, it works out in every case (at least that's what he by his own says about it). Okay, even he also does promote his own system (and he does so very well) and with this securing his own income after he is a Pro Bodybuilder that also makes his cash as Personal Trainer, as a Online Coach and as a Sports/Fitness/Bodybuilding "scientist", the whole reputation of him as a person, as a trainer and as graduate is by far too high as well as also the reputation of his system is, so that you make it yourself by far too easy when you say that it's just a promotional affair of him for cashing in some extra bucks. And when it's about nutrition the "MI40" System offers a whole lot more than just that eat more protein approach to grow, and when it's about training it also shows a different approach than just that lift heavy weights for more muscle mass... even when I have to admit that after I tried several different approaches by my own I personally finally came back to "my" Blood & Guts approach and will stick with it after it definitely brought me the biggest success, but that's just a personal (self-) experience and has nothing to do with the "MI40" System because especially the aspects of nutrition and recovery are really great new knowledge to archieve for I think so the very most of us out there. I think he offers also online services with or for his "MI40" System so just check it out if you want to, and an interesting and fascinating approach it is for sure. He also offers Online Coaching as well as he does Seminars and Public Speaking. And anyhow, you should know by now that BEN PAKULSKI is everything but your ordinary Bodybuilder, period.

When it's all about competition, there's also already quite some interesting stuff about BEN PAKULSKI to tell, so here we go with this topic...: His competition history in Bodybuilding started back then in 2005 when he won the overall title at his very first show ever. From then on he took step by step and finally being the unrivaled victor in 2008 when he won the "CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS" in Montreal, Quebec with taking the overall victory and also archieving the Pro card and becoming an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder from that day on. In 2009 he scored in at rank no. # 3 at his first IFBB Pro Bodybuilding competition show in Tampa, Florida/USA, the "TAMPA PRO" (if I got it right), and if you ask me that's a petty good starting point for a proper Pro career in the IFBB. In 2010 he then took the 7th ranked place at the high reputated "NY PRO", heading over for doing more shows, display a stronger presence, making more experiences and earning more respect and experience in 2011. So in February 2011 he scored in ranked no. # 5 at th "FLEX PRO", to go then to the "ARNOLD CLASSIC" in March 2011 and get their the 10th ranked position to head over to the "AUSTRALIA PRO" to archieve the 4th place there, also in March 2011, and finally finishing the year with this and concentrating on 2012 to score in ranked no. # 2 in February 2012 at the "FLEX PRO" where he definitely should have taken the victory by any means, and with making it up to a impressive position rank no. # 4 in March 2012 at the "ARNOLD CLASSIC" at where I personally saw him ranked no. # 3 behind the unbeatable duo of BRANCH WARREN and DENNIS WOLF this night, and from that the signs are up for bigger things to happen in the near future of IFBB Pro Bodybuilding for BEN PAKULSKI. Today he's sponsored by "ALLMAX NUTRITION" as his main sponsor. His stats data (if still nearly current) says: Height = 5'10" / Contest Weight = 255lbs. / Off-Season Weight = 300lbs. / Arms = 21" / Thighs = 32" / Calves = 22" / Waist = 34" / 19,5". That's it for now, but trust me when I say that BEN PAKULSKI is just getting started and is aiming at becoming one of the most dominant forces in the future of IFBB Pro Bodybuilding, so stay tuned for more of him to come. And keep on pumping hard, no pain, no gain!!!

So, okay, that's it for this very one here and now, what will be next in the ''Sports'' category I don't know by now, but I will come for sure sooner than later, and I think more sooner than later. If there will come a post  before the "MR. O." then it will be pretty sure a "legends" post (yes, I think so) or a post about a current guys not competig at the "MR. O." (like, for example, FOUAD ABIAD), but not about a guy taking part at the "MR. O.", because with this posts I will wait for after the this years "MR. O." because everything else would not make that much sense after all. And so now with the end of this post you get as well still some video clips of BEN PAKULSKI and after this I will give you also the links to all the posts paying tribute to IFBB Pro Bodybuilders up here so far. That's it for now, hopefully you enjoyed reading this post, thanks very much for your interest. Keep pumping!!!

And now the promised respectively mentioned video clips:

BEN PAKULSKI - Deadlifts for the "MR.O." 2012


BEN PAKULSKI - Work out @ the legendary "GOLDS GYM" in Venice, CA/USA


BEN PAKULSKI - Leg Work Out Day


BEN PAKULSKI - Hardcore Work Out with ZACK "KING" KHAN

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