Samstag, 29. September 2012

FRACTURED - "BENEATH THE ASHES" (EBM'n'Wave with a Trance edge on "MINDBASE" in 2011)

("Mindbase"; CD):
Never heard anything of the label or the band before this album here, containing twelve songs in about fifty minutes. I bought this CD some months ago this year in March or maybe February for the low and cheap price of 2,50 Euro or so because the cover artwork really grapped me. And okay, with reviewing records it was a very busy year so far up here and maybe I didn't cared as much as I should in a proper way in case of some albums, and so that this is the reason why also this review just comes up that late. Maybe. Don't ask me. Also don't ask me how to name this kind of music or which genre this here comes out of. It's anyhow mostly if not completly through and through electronical and very atmospheric somehow sinister, slightly depressive or better melancholic and transcendental as well as meditative music with a strong Wave and also Trance touch to me, that really offers wide and deep landscapes of sound and music that just wait to be discovered by you and that's maybe best classified with EBM or maybe some sort of ''poppy'' and ''dancy'' soft Industrial or so, hm, but about answering this specific question I am not sure anyway and I feel pretty uncomfortable with doing so, so don't nail me on that. But anyhow, guys listening  exclusively to guitar and drums and bass made music and that can't stand electronical music anyhow for which reasons ever can calmly stop reading and forget about this band and album, the rest is invited to go ahead with following this review. More leveled multi-layered diverse and incredible atmospheric beats and sounds and samples enriched with piano and pure bombast parts and leaded by great slightly electronical and artificial ''distorted'' more voiced lead vocals that thankfully are done mostly in a ''clean'' and ''clear'' sung and not grunted shouted way are the key elements of the music featured on this album, and while it starts really terrible with the wanna be hard and tough title track "BENEATH THE ASHES" it gets better and better over the distance and great tracks like "FOR WHAT?", "YOU ARE (THE VOICE INSIDE MY HEAD)", "ANESTHETIC" and "DIG" even bring names of larger than life pioneers like NEW ORDER and DEPECHE MODE to my mind, but without copying them and also even more electronical and modern and after all pretty stand-alone, at least after all what I can say after I am not an ''expert'' in this musical array, but it's a musical array I like anyhow pretty much, even it's not on my ''ordinary'' daily play list. Then we have also sick and deep and slightly psychotic tracks like "SAVE ME" that sound like a mixture out of HIS STATUE FALLS, some LINKIN PARK and GRAVITY KILLS, while a angry track like "STRAIGHT JACKET FASHION" offers angry and pissed off heavy Techno Beats and sheer aggression in its heavily distortion layed over the atmospheric breathing vibe of the relaxed beat. The nearly somewhat classical "INTERLUDE" and the more sampled spoken word coullagé "TRANSCENDENTAL RAGE FOR THE FUNDAMENTALISTS" give us free room to slip out of the intensity of the ''real'' and ''true'' tracks (even I would have preferred more ''real'' or ''true'' songy by any means and don't really need this two intermezzo tracks anyhow), just to flow into a phenomenal great track like "FLY AWAY" that gives you exactky what you need or better describes perfectly the feeling of wandering by night through the rain through the streets of your city being unable to get the stench of piss and of the thousands of worthless scumbags around you out of your nose while searching for a place or a person to give you finally shelter and preventing you from falling into despair and giving in to all the crap, scum and senselessness surrounding you in this world. If you find this shelter is another story that lies in your hands... The heavy and angry, pretty nu metallic and also by a band like HIS STATUE FALLS inspired and also a strange Old School Nintendo beat offering "WE BARE THESE SCARS" is then a pretty strong let down, seems very uninspired and not really creative after all, especially after a larger than life song like "FLY AWAY". The very ''trancy'' and also ''dancy'' song "DISENGAGE" then finally closes this album, and especially the refrain nearly commands you to start to dance along to it, even the song somehow breathes this ''kiddie'' Vampire Wave/Gothic/EBM vibe that I can't really arrange myself with, but anyhow a good song and a nice closing chapter to this album, well done. Also lyrically we get some intersting stuff, like you may have already anticipated by reading the song titles. The production sound is of high standard and the very futuristic yet pretty transcendental artwork really is an eye ctacher. This is a very diverse and multi-layered album, and for sure a damn good one as well, that's highly recommended by me for you, at least if you are only a little bit open minded for and interested in electronical music. Check it out, give it a good round and a fair try. (8 of 10 Points)

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