Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

THE PRAETORIANS - "BESSER SPÄT ALS NIE" (German Skinhead Rock in 2012 + Download - Link @ Bandcamp)

("D.I.Y."; Promo-CD; MP3-Download):
This is a still pretty young/new Skinhead Rock band from Germany that got some sort of a support in and through various D.I.Y. fanzines over here over the last few years. If you know about my mostly hate/hate-affair with any sorts of German Oi! music then it won't make you wonder that it took me so long before I listened to this band. This is the Promo version of their this year's "LIEDER UNSERER HEIMAT" album. Both albums you can download at their Bandcamp site, the promo officially for free and the full length for just 2,50 Euro, and both links I will give you at the end of this very review. Two songs in about six minutes we get here for free and it's a pretty simple and reduced kind of german Skinhead Rock & Roll music, to say it the least, we get by THE PRAETORIANS, full of dirty guitars, noisy bass, wasted on a drink gruff shouted vocals, hubble bubble drumming, that all mark the songs that are delivered via a not so creative songwriting at all. Sounds like a totally reduced and simple mixture out of (early) ENDSTUFE and (very) old KRAWALLBRÜDER and if you like stuff like this then get it, hm, but if you don't like such stuff then for fuck's sake better stay far away from it because honestly this is nothing of value or weight, it's pretty boring and by far too minimalistic and un-nicely retarded stuff. This band should give themselves a few more good rounds in their rehearsal room spend with practising and wait untill they are able to come up with some good done interesting songwriting and some fresh ideas or so, the potential for it they have for sure, if you ask me, here and there they showcase it already, hm, but sadly enough just here and there a few times by now. The lyrics deal with typical German Skin music topics, the nice artwork is pretty cliché but really okay in the end and the recording sound is as well pretty okay. Nah, I'm out of it again and now I will listen to some BOOTS & BRACES, as well as DIE HALUNKEN and BIERPATRIOTEN to finally fill my ears again with good old great German Oi! music. One point for being so nice (or realistic...) to put it up for free, and two points for some few at least somehow good approaches, this makes three points at all and then that's it. (3 of 10 points)

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