Sonntag, 2. September 2012

WAR CHARGE - "WAR CHARGE" (Metallic Hardcore from Edinburgh, Scotland + Download Link @ Bandcamp)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
This is a very cool band hailing down from Edinburgh in Scotland. This is for all what I see their first album to date and still the current one. Seems to be a "D.I.Y." release that was finished and released by January 2012 and is up today as a official free MP3-Download @ their Bandcamp site (the link to this very site will close this review) but it seems that there was also a 7'' release of this seven songs in about sixteen minutes via "DEMONS RUN AMOK RECORDS" in April 2012 on black, white and also on blue vinyl. Don't know if there are still copies of it floating around or so, not at least because before I discovered this band while I was surfing the web looking out for some promising bands they were otally unknown to me, anyway, and so I only have the download version of it. Okay, WAR CHARGE convinced me right from the start, playing some metallic tough bulldozer like Hardcore in sound and style somewhere between bands such as FINAL PRAYER, TERROR, HATEBREED, AGNOSTIC FRONT and maybe some MADBALL, with heavy Mosh assaults and intense Grooves and violent Slam Dance potential filled non stopp. Crashing and cracking sharp and harsh guitars melted together with a brutal stunning and massive thundering rhythm section, crowned by pretty hard yet still sung throaty aggressive shouted lead vocals with quite some good strong characteristical potential, and made round by fat and broad crew shout back up chants the gang shouts style. They aren't changing anyhow the formula here and by looking at the great artwork I would maybe have expected something more militant/military styled stuff at first with more ''evilness'' and even more ''heavyness'' and maybe also more Metal or metallic impressions in it like ALL OUT WAR or maybe ARKANGEL but that was a mistake, anyhow, but that was just my own failure/mistake and isn't hurting the outcome here anyhow. I would love some more suprising stuff the next time around not at least to work out their already here and there to be noticed own identity and own character even more detailed and precise and then the outcome of it all will be even far better for sure. But also so it's a good and a strong release, without a single doubt about it. I really like them, metallic moshy NYHC influenced up to date Hardcore with the potential of coming off even bigger in the future if they keep up working on focussed. Strong lyrics, great artwork and a full proper prouction sound round this all nicely up. A band we should all keep one or better two open eyes, and also one or two open ears. So check 'em out, period. (8 of 10 points)

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