Sonntag, 16. September 2012

HELLFROST - "APOCALYPTIC FROSTPUNK" (German Old School Death Metal Punk + Download Link)

("Tropical Peace Punk Tapes"; Tape & "D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Some nice or better evil and grim total Old School Death Metal with a strong mean Punk touch to it is coming here by this Old School Death Metal Punks from Germany. If you take a look at the name, HELLFROST, you could already got it... HELLHAMMER and CELTIC FROST!!! That shall mean now that HELLFROST play a sound on the total Old School side of the Death territory of Metal that is very minimalistic and (in a positive way) simple and reduced and completely straight ahead and forward going with a strong heavy hard Punk flavor to it. Mix HELLHAMMER with the early CELTIC FROST and if you are also familiar with some very few notes hailing out of the "SEVEN CHURCHES" by POSSESSED and maybe some very, very few "AT WAR WITH SATAN" being VENOM marks as well you will also be totally into the stuff that HELLFROST are doing here. Also if you are familiar with and also like the more prominent new breed of such musick like the great WARHAMMER and maybe also some few SCEPTER you will also like HELLFROST as well for sure, trust me upon this. Yes, this is totally Old School also pretty heavy Retro and beside this all also very strongly punky Death Metal delivered by nasty and dirty shredding guitars, angry sawing bass, rumbling fast paced slightly D-Beat styled caveman drums and throaty hard shouted lead vocals. Nothing fancy, nothing trendy, nothing catchy, nothing anyhow new or so and also nothing for the ones used to high standard production values of so called Brutal Death (Metal) out there, but Old School Death Metal Punks will love it. And even if they are totally retro, they managed it somehow to convince me and I really enjoy this angry madmen in HELLFROST. What I think is also pretty cool is the fact that they really stick ''true'' to the deal with also using ''evil'' artists names with lots of warrior's and such stuff in it. They know the deal, they do the deal. Released as a tape via "TPPT", limited to 50 copies (and maybe already pretty much sold out), as well as a MP3-D.I.Y.-Download by the band itself at their bandsite. Nice lyrics (and yes, for sure you get what you know may already expect), totally reduced, noisy and dirty buzzing authentic production sound and a truly great demon styled frosty and apocalyptical artwork on top of it. Even they can't match up to a band like WARHAMMER this one here anyhow is anyway: Recommended, at least to all Old School Death Metal Punks outta there, period. (8 of 10 points)


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