Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

SHADE OF MANKIND - "SONGS THOU SHALL WORSHIP" (Brazilian apocapytic Crustcore on the path to its roots + Download Link)

(Six songs, thirteen minutes.)
("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
And here it is, the new album by SHADE OF MANKIND and Rodrigo a.k.a. Rod Hellion is paying with this one tribute to some of his most favorite and most important bands. This was announced already for quite a while and it's also already some months out but I just get now to it because earlier I simply didn't get it done. But after this album is (and I think also soleley) released as a MP3-Download there are no limitations to be feared. And this is pretty good, because if you ask me any fan of extreme and intense, dark, sinister and truly evil, brutal, aggressive and for sure damn dirty and noisy and sick and twisted musick really needs to have this. SHADE OF MANKIND paying tribute to the almighty INTEGRITY and CRO-MAGS, to the legendary AMEBIX and EYE HATE GOD, to the great NASUM and the totally weird IMPALED NAZARENE. And as strange it now may sound, I think somewhere between these bands and styles you can really find and locate SHADE OF MANKIND by their very own, combining Crustcore/Crustpunk and Grindcore with Sludge Core reminiscenes, (especially but not only Holy Terror) Hardcore influences and brutal and fast (partially blackened) twisted Death Metal, and so you know now what you get: Brutal, dity, distorted and aggressive, sinister guitars, thundering and crushing drums and incredible evil and heavy shredding bass, and on top of it Rod Hellion's totally sick and weird, brutal and deep guttural screamed and shouted damn charismatic lead vocals, on top of it also some nice suprises like just for example in the mighty AMEBIX cover tune to be recognized. All delivered by skilled musicians and all damn hard and incredible harsh and with a sinister, dark, and psychotic atmosphere. Great!!! And SHADE OF MANKIND really make out of the cover songs their very own stuff, yet still sticking to the original character of each single song. And so we get "PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE" by INTEGRITY, "HARD TIMES" by the CRO-MAGS, IMPALED NAZARENEs "WE'RE SATAN GENERATION", NASUMs "FANATSIEBILDER", "CHAIN REACTION" of AMEBIX and "SISTERFUCKER" by EYE HATE GOD. All done really strong, for sure, with my personal favorites being the INTEGRITY, CRO-MAGS, AMEBIX and EYE HATE GOD cover tunes. The IMPALED NAZARENE cover is also done really good (and I like it even far more than the original one), but I simply can't arrange myself with the weirdos from Finland anyhow that much anyway and the NASUM one is also in its original form not a fave of mine by this great Grindcore masters but still done good by SHADE OF MANKIND. Most of the bands would have failed in doing cover tunes of the here honored bands, but where the rest fails the best conquer and SHADE OF MANKIND really conquered!!! The lyrics are kept original (for all what I got), and the cover artwork is brilliant. The production sound is very dirty and distorted and varys from song to song more or less a little bit, but is a great underground statement. I love this band and so also this record and I can't wait for the next one to come. Great shit!!! Get it!!! (9 of 10 points)

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